STOP HUGGING THE CENTER! Can the Republicans Win the White House While Still Standing for Something?

Written by Karen Serna on April 9, 2015

Recently, my family and I moved from the only state we have ever known, Texas, to Oklahoma, which we find to be simply wonderful. People here often ask us, “Are you proud Texans?” What a silly question! Of course we are! Do you even need to ask? My question is, “Why are you not a proud Okie? (or fill in the blank with whatever state you are from). So when Ted Cruz officially threw his hat into the Presidential race, my Lone Star bleeding heart swelled with pride.

But will I vote for Ted Cruz based off the fact that he is the Jr. Texas Senator? Absolutely not! I’ll vote for him because he is a man of principle who is not afraid to tell you what he believes. I’ll vote for him because he’s a patriot who is not afraid to take on the namby-pamby politicians in his own party who follow the “let’s hug the center so that we please everyone by not standing for anything” philosophy. I’ll vote for him because he is a hard core fiscal AND social conservative who is not afraid to say so and then act accordingly.

Over the last decade or more, we have seen all kinds of men and women run for office under the banner of the Republican Party. And for some time now, this party has been losing ground. Why is that? Is this because there are less and less conservatives in America? Is this because Republicans are not in sync with what the American public wants? I venture to say not.

Many Republicans have bought into that “hug the center” philosophy, and quite frankly, when you hug the center you are going to get hit. When Republicans choose to court the middle, which seems to be their strategy these days, then their primary base stays home which is simply lunacy – but I’ll save that article for another time. In addition, the middle votes Democrat anyway because the majority of “independents” are really liberal. Therefore, when Republicans try to capture everyone’s vote, they actually lose everyone’s vote.

Politicians were sent a very clear message in our last mid-term elections. Americans are tired of the liberal/socialist/Marxist agenda that is being shoved down our throats by the current administration. Americans want true freedom and want to return to conservative values. If the Republican Party is smart, they’d run their most conservative candidates. My prediction is that they might actually win that way.


Karen Serna is a wife and homeschooling mom with two children. She holds a degree in Chemistry with a minor in Math from Angelo State University. In addition, she is a certified secondary educator. Prior to having children, Karen worked for Texas State University-San Marcos as an analytical chemist and industrial hygienist for over twelve years. Her passion lies in seeing a generation of Americans once again embrace true freedom.