OBAMA THE ZEALOT: Is He a Christian? A Good or a Bad Man?

Written by Allan Erickson on April 9, 2015

“I have to say that sometimes when I listen to less-than-loving expressions by Christians, I get concerned,” President Barack Obama said at The White House Easter Prayer Breakfast.

This remark, like so many preceding it, reveal a man hostile to the faith he claims.  Think about that for a moment.  Obama says he is a Christian, but every time he talks about Christians and Christianity, he speaks in negative terms.  Each time he references Christianity, it is to be critical.  And when Christians are slaughtered in various places, by the thousands, he says nothing.

What must you conclude in the face of this evidence?  The words of Barack Obama are regularly delivered using deception in order to destroy trust, and create division.
At this point few even care what he means by “less-than-loving expressions by Christians,” for we know that regardless of the topic–the Indiana religious freedom law, or criticism (rebuke) he receives–his real focus is always political, and his ultimate purpose is never the embrace of truth.  Rather it is always the advancement of the agenda, by any means.

As to the truth, when Obama claims he is a Christian, one must be deeply skeptical, even disbelieving, for a simple reason: his words do not match his actions, and therefore, integrity is lacking, even absent.  It becomes clear he claims faith in Christ only for political gain. This is the sin of zealots who tried exploiting Christ, all the way to the Cross.

A Christian knows Christ is God, and according to the Word (the entire Scripture), there is only one way to heaven, and that Way is by faith in Christ alone.  Obama says there are many paths to heaven.  He flat out contradicts Christ.  How can you claim to be a disciple of the One you deny?  It is to assert Judas was a Christian.

Part of Obama’s agenda is full endorsement of the homosexual agenda.  That too thoroughly contradicts the Word of Christ.  Children in Sunday School know homosexuality is a sin, both as a function of conscience and from the clear teaching of Scripture.  Yet, Mr. Obama and his friends know better than Christ, denying His Truth, while at the same time claiming to follow Him.  How do you call Master the One you ignore?

Christ’s Word completely condemns the killing of innocent life.  Mr. Obama and his friends completely endorse the murder of unborn children, no matter the term of gestation, even to the point of stabbing full term babies in the back of the neck and inserting a tube to suck out their brains, even to the point of neglecting babies who survive abortion, watching as they lie there, dying in agony. Incomparable cruelty. Obama endorses this shredding of innocent life to the point of funding it with your tax money.  How can Obama say he loves Jesus even as he sheds innocent blood?  There is no love there.

The bottom line is clear: Mr. Obama is a liar and a fraud and an evil man.  The Scripture is clear.

“The good man out of the good treasure of his heart brings forth what is good; and the evil man out of the evil treasure brings forth what is evil; for his mouth speaks from that which fills his heart.”  Jesus Christ, Matthew 6:45

Jesus the Good Shepherd

“I am the door; if anyone enters through Me, he will be saved, and will go in and out and find pasture. The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.  I am the good shepherd; the good shepherd lays down His life for the sheep.   John 10: 9-11

The evil man takes life, steals from others to glorify himself, and then complains about “less-than-loving expressions by Christians,” not realizing that firm rebuke leading to repentance will save his soul.

Leaning to his own understanding, and refusing to fear God, leading to wisdom, Obama rejects firm rebuke.  He fails to understand that rebuke is an act of love for rebuke serves as an invitation to heaven, and a warning of hell.

Image: http://opinionatedart.com/famous-characters/2013/2/8/barack-obama-faces; White House photo; Pete Souza

Allan Erickson
Allan Erickson---Christian, husband, father, journalist, businessman, screenwriter, and author of The Cross & the Constitution in the Age of Incoherence, Tate Publishing, 2012.