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8 REASONS: Why Our Military Deserves an Apology from Obama

Since taking office in 2008, it has been painfully obvious when President Obama is passionate about something, and when he’s not. On Obamacare, his executive order on immigration, and even the “racial tensions” between communities and police, there’s little question where Obama stands, and to what degree he’s willing to fight for them.

But when it comes to foreign policy, domestic security, and the fight against radical islamic terrorists (a term he refuses to use), Obama struggles in awkward discomfort.

This discomfort, in his role as Commander-in-Chief has effectively damaged America’s standing in the world, and compromised the mission and security of our military.

As President, Barack Obama:

  1. Went on a world tour “apologizing” for America
  2. Downplayed the roll of ISIS, calling them a “jayvee team”
  3. Offered no plan seeking justice for the beheading of Americans at the hands of ISIS
  4. Allowed Janet Napolitano and the Dept of Homeland Security to label returning military personnel as potential “domestic threats”
  5. Remained silent as we sought answers on the slaughter at Benghazi
  6. Allowed his press secretary Josh Earnest to label the fall of Ramadi a “setback” after more than 70 American service members died there liberating the city in 2006
  7. Told a group of graduating U.S. Coast Guardsmen that climate change, not radical islamists, was the greatest threat they’ll face
  8. Noted this Memorial Day as especially meaningful because it’s the first since “our war in Afghanistan came to an end”.

It’s because of this growing list that my heart goes out to anyone currently serving, or who has served in the military under President Obama. Whether they realize it or not, they’ve been short-changed.

Anyone willing to defend the freedom of strangers, knowing that they may lose their lives in the process, deserves better than that. At the very least, they deserve someone capable of upholding and executing the most basic responsibilities of a Commander-in-Chief: keep morale high, and lead.

Our military deserves a President who doesn’t apologize for American exceptionalism, but sings its praises wherever he goes. A President unafraid to lead the fight against evil, rather than turn the other way and allow it to fester into something we can’t control. And, they deserve a President who exudes esprit de corps, radiates patriotism, and is a living, breathing representation of everything that makes America the greatest country in the world.

Mr. President, you’ve let a lot of people down, none more so than our brave men and women in uniform. At the very least, you owe us an explanation, and each of them an apology.

Ashley Lauren

Ashley Intartaglia is a Florida native, Senior Vice President of an award winning political media and communications firm, and a frequent commentator on Fox News and Newsmax TV. She is also a passionate animal advocate and volunteer at a local shelter.