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‘SH*T WHITE PEOPLE SAY’: Parents Pissed Over This Student Produced Video at School

I wonder what would happen if the school made a video called, “Sh*t black people say?”

The new video, produced by Bedford High School students and broadcast to the entire school during morning announcements, titled, “Sh*t White People Say (BHS Edition),” mirrors the original with a black female student wearing a blonde wig reminding white people not to touch black people’s hair and to remember that not all black people look alike.

After the video aired, BHS parent Bob Marshall claims his daughter was upset by the video. Marshall contacted the school for an explanation and was told the video’s intention was to start a discussion between students on the topic of race relations.

John Sills, the school’s superintendent spoke with Boston’s FOX 25 news, admitting the video was aired without any faculty oversight.

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