DEADLY BIKER BRAWL: 9 Dead In Violent Biker Clash In Texas

Published on May 17, 2015

That’s one gnarly biker fight. Nine people dead, while bystanders were forced to hide in the freezers of the restaurant.

Nine people have been killed and 18 hospitalized in a shoot-out between rival biker gangs in a suburban Texas restaurant – and their allies across the state are flocking to join their ranks, police say.

What started as a physical fight shortly after midday rapidly escalated to involve chains, clubs, knives and gunfire across Twin Peaks Bar and Grill in Waco on Sunday, local media reports.

Diners, including young children, scrambled and many took shelter in the freezer as gang members ran rampage around the booths, according to KXXV.

Though the groups are now being held by deputies at gunpoint, police warned armed individuals are flocking from all over the state to continue confrontation.

Police were monitoring the meeting between the two groups on Sunday morning in what transpired to be a set-up by one of the gangs.

Witnesses described the scene in the quiet commercial shopping strip as a war zone.

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