LOOK OVER THERE: Congress Abdicating Its Duty — and the Media Is Obsessed with Tom Brady’s Footballs

Written by Larry Usoff on May 18, 2015

Desk drawer notes…Ok, folks, I want you to think about this.   In the US Government, for who-knows-how-many years, people have been screwing up and getting away with it.  You’ve seen people breaking the law and what do they get?  Some get administrative leave, with pay, and that sounds like a vacation to me.  Others get a lateral position move, which takes them out of the public’s eye, without reducing their pay or benefits.  Still others actually get bonuses, and, folks, you are paying for all of this!   In the 2014 elections, the majority in Congress switched from the Democrat party to the Republican party.   The incoming class of members of Congress was expected to be lions and tigers and they have, so far, been seen as pussycats.

My friends, would someone please explain this new fad of gender neutrality to me?  It seems that children can now be either gender, or no gender.  They can use any rest room that they want without any problems.   If a parent doesn’t want to steer the child in a male or female direction, that’s understandable…to a point.   At the point where the child declares that he or she is not actually a he or a she, but a combination of both…that’s where my understanding gets left behind, so somebody explain to me how that works.   Wake up, America…what’s happened to us?  How did we get lost from where men should be men and women should be women, and there is no third gender.  Period.

We have a new US Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, and one of her first acts was to jump into a place where the Department of Justice has no business being.   Civil unrest, riots, domestic turmoil, whatever you want to call it should be the purview of the local government. If that local government proves that it cannot handle the job, then the state should step in, but that should be as far as it goes…unless it becomes a national problem and the event for which this imposter-in-the-White House is waiting, so he can declare martial law.   The DOJ should not be jumping into something and exacerbating the problem.   Ms Lynch, in my estimation, should not have been confirmed by the Congress, but she was, and now we, the American people, have to put up with a person that I believe is Holder in a skirt.

An open letter to Democrat, black, Americans …get off the plantation.  By accepting, or in some cases, demanding, largesse from the government, you are killing incentive, you are being given pacifiers so you’ll be good little liberal voters.   When are you going to realize that conditions under the first black president have made your situations worse?   If you think that times are tough now, wait until somebody screws up big-time and martial law is declared.   The government will be a dictatorship and all the documents that hold this country together will be forgotten.  With easily-identified dissidents, they will be rounded up quickly and disposed of.   The camps, by whatever name you want to call them, will be packed.   Wake up, America…pigeon-holing us by groups is working.

The Super Bowl was February 1st of this year.  In May there are still conversations about Tom Brady and his balls.  Enough is enough.   There are more important things going on in the world, and somebody’s deflated balls are, or should be, about a five minute conversation.   How about somebody talking about the TransPacific Partnership treaty?   Can we have an open, honest, discussion about the nuclear deal with Iran?   Maybe a person in Congress could remember what they were sent to do, and actually do it?   That would be very refreshing, I think.   Do you understand the depths to which the United States has fallen…in just about every category you can think of?   The dollar is in danger of being replaced as the world’s go-to currency.   Our armed forces are being pulled down to dangerous levels.   The word of the so-called leader of the free world isn’t worth a tinker’s damn, and he’s importing potential voters and terrorists.

Wake up America!   We’re on the Titanic and there’s a huge iceberg dead ahead.  Someone once said that Congress is rearranging the deck chairs while the ship of state is sinking.  A good simile, and one that frightens me.   Watching C-Span is like watching grass grow, or paint dry…it’s that dull.   I want to hear fiery speeches given by people with a passion for the country, and not delivered in an empty chamber just so they can get on television.   Let’s have members of Congress bring up issues, back them up with facts, and if necessary, go against the tide of the party.   If one has passion, a teleprompter is not necessary because you are speaking from the heart for something you care deeply about.   Is it only when you criticize your potential adversary that you even get mildly excited?  Elections are nearing and voters should consider the country first, and party second…if at all.
Larry Usoff, US Navy Retired    www.AirHumanityRadio.net

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Larry Usoff
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