DEAR BALTIMORE THUGS: Allen West Would Like To PERSONALLY Teach You A Lesson

Published on May 1, 2015

Here is a lesson for the rioting thugs in Baltimore straight from Allen West. Enjoy.

This week we have been exposed to the most depraved of human behavior in the rioting and violence in Baltimore. We have also seen what a lack of leadership can mean for the law-abiding citizens and business owners. So it is a welcome respite when we can find a brilliant rainbow in the midst of a tumultuous storm.

And so it was for me Wednesday evening, when I spoke in Franklin, Tennessee, for the Republican Women of Williamson County. Before me stood two American warriors — the impeccable example of our modern day Spartans, U.S. Army Special Forces Green Berets. These two men were members of the U.S. Army 5th Special Forces Group based at Ft. Campbell, Kentucky (the post is really in Tennessee, except for the post office).

They confided in me that although the following day they were off for a deployment — they could not pass up the opportunity to meet me. I was utterly humbled, truly honored. But what was even more outstanding was that one of these young men was a former Iraqi interpreter/translator who had been sponsored to enter the United States.

Imagine the character and honor of this young man to come to America, not just to sit on his arse and draw welfare, but rather he joined our military. And not just the military — he exceeded the standard and became the most exceptional Army Soldier — a Green Beret. We spoke and the radiance of his comportment and sense of pride as he stood before me in his suit with his Special Forces lapel pin just said volumes. Here before me was a man, a Man who was appreciative, who put his life on the line for this antion as an I/T in Iraq but made the honorable decision that he could give even more service.

Perhaps those thugs in Baltimore need a lesson in what the true loss of liberty and freedom really is. Perhaps they need to understand the tribulation that Amir Hekmati faces. Perhaps they should look into the eyes of the young former Iraqi interpreter who is now an Amy Green Beret as he boards the aircraft for his deployment. Maybe they should be put into an auditorium and hear the story of BG Viet Luong. Something needs to happen to make these rascals realize that they live in a great nation and that they are not entitled to have space to destroy the livelihood and dreams of others. Especially since that is what these men have fought to defend.

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