VINCE VAUGHN: Freaks Students Out With Unashamed Conservative Speech (VIDEO)

Published on May 1, 2015

Vince Vaughn slams the progs in this surprisingly conservative speech at a Young Americans for Liberty conference which took place at UCLA.

“There is a challenge because you are up against such a system in place that kind of indoctrinates, if you will, that this is good and that is bad. A lot of that to me is really laughable. If you can sit with someone individually and just point out how crazy some of these things are, right? I feel bad for the kids who are going there…but I think a lot of kids also will kind of wake up at some point and say, ‘This feels a little suffocating, some of these ideas feel like it’s really being jammed down my throat,’ which is a good reason to kind of question it, right? Like, why is every week, you know, global warming week?”

Via College Fix