FALLEN NOT FORGOTTEN: Honoring Those Who’ve Given All Defending America

Written by S.C. Sherman on May 1, 2015

Fallen Not Forgotten Project goal is to provide a beautiful memorial stone to every family of a fallen service member who wants one. Some gave all. The stones are one-of-a-kind engraved stone art pieces and will commemorate their loved one forever. These families have paid the ultimate sacrifice. Fallen Not Forgotten Project will give them a small token to honor that sacrifice. Something to just say thank you, and we will never forget what you have endured for America. In coordination with Veterans groups, the military itself, and word of mouth, any and all families who have suffered a loss in service of country can email us to receive their free 8 inch x 10 inch granite stone to honor their soldier forever. These stones are highly valued by the families and displayed proudly in their homes.

All pictures must be of the soldier in his/her uniform. He/she can be alone or in a group and words/dates can be added by each family. It is our goal that any family who wants one of the stones, gets one. End of story.

The 8×10 stones are solid granite and last forever. The 8×10 normally retails at $80. All we ask is that the receiving family pay the shipping costs ($15) to ship the stone anywhere in the U.S. The stone is a gift. A thank you for a price already paid. Can’t pay the $15 shipping but still want your free stone? Email us to discuss options.

If you, or your family has suffered a loss, you’re invited to claim your free memorial stone by emailing Trinity Lazer with your request. Also, if you know a family who has lost a loved one in combat, please refer them to us. Help us give the gift of an everlasting granite stone. Life is short and precious. Our military families who have suffered loss understand this more than most. This project will not erase that pain, but it does provide an heirloom that will be passed down for generations to come in honor of a hero who has gone before them. Remember the fallen. Fallen Not Forgotten.

We consider The Fallen Not Forgotten Project business with a mission. The mission is to bless the families who have earned so much more than a gold star, they deserve our honor. As a laser engraver, we’ve chosen to show that honor with this project and our goal to provide these unique Americans a lasting memorial free of charge. How do we do it? The entire project is funded by people who pay regular price for an 8×10 stone for themselves. Those purchases allow us to give the stones to the immediate family of a lost soldier for free and remain open for business. We fund giving the free stones to our deserving families by the friends and family of the military purchasing a stone at regular price. When you purchase a stone at regular prices…you just funded the stone for a family who has suffered a loss.

Purchase yours today. God bless our troops.

—Steve Sherman, Trinity Lazer.

For more information, or to request a stone for your family, or loved one contact us here. sales@trinitylazer.com

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Fallen Not Forgotten Project

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S.C. Sherman
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