HERD IMMUNITY: Armed Citizens Change Society

Written by Rob Morse on May 1, 2015

I mentioned that gun owners are now considered mainstream in most of America. Yes, we are finally ordinary. Measured across the nation, about one in eight adults have a concealed carry permit. More than a third of us admit we have guns at home. Gun ownership changes how criminals act. My neighbor who carries is obviously able to protect herself, but she makes the rest of us safer as well. The theory is that there will be fewer criminals on the street once criminals encounter someone who shoots back. Thugs don’t like guns…once their victims have guns too. This is more than theory. We have experience to prove it.

A waiting taxi driver grabbed his gun and stopped a massacre on a public street. No, this wasn’t in Bagdad or Kabul. This was in the Logan Square neighborhood of Chicago and it happened just last week.

A cab driver dropped off his passenger and was waiting for a group of people to walk across the street.  That is when Everardo Custodio began firing into the crowd. The cab driver pulled out a handgun and fired six shots at the attacker. Custodio stopped his attack after being hit several times. No other injuries were reported. The driver remained at the scene and was released by police without being charged. The driver had an Illinois concealed carry license. That scene is repeated over and over across the United States every day. You can see examples near your home by looking here.

Concealed carry is new to Chicago. A few years ago, Chicago Police Chief Garry McCarthy said concealed carry holders were a danger to the public. McCarthy said, “You put more guns on the street (then) expect more shootings. I don’t care if they’re licensed legal firearms, people who are not highly trained…putting guns in their hands is a recipe for disaster.”

Chief McCarthy was wrong. This cab driver was a better shot than the average police officer. The Chief owes an apology to all the Illinois concealed carry holders.

I saw a similar example earlier this month. The Nashville police were edgy at the NRA convention…because they wanted to walk the 9 acres of exhibits and see the sights. In contrast, the police officers who had to guard the convention center kept dozing off because there was nothing for them to do. 80 thousand gun owners had their back. Crime drops when the NRA convention comes to town…and the police know it.
Now you know too.

Image: http://colbycriminaljustice.wikidot.com/intro-to-criminal-justice-2013-14