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JUDGE JEANINE PUTS OBAMA ON BLAST: An ISIS Attack at Home Is Inevitable Because Of BHO

Judge Jeanine slams BHO, in her usual fashion, on ISIS and his unwillingness to do anything about them with this epic rant. 

“You want to protect the American people, why the hell did you trade the Taliban five in the first place for a deserter? As enemy combatants, those Taliban five could have been held indefinitely,” she said.

“They didn’t have to be released. The Taliban is not a country. Everyone knew Bergdahl was a deserter, but you.

“We already know that at least three of the Taliban five have reached out to their terrorist comrades and one actually had the Taliban come and visit him in Qatar,” Pirro said.

“So back to my original question, Mr. President, why are we fighting in this region instead of focusing on the impending and the inevitable wave of ISIS attacks, sure to rain hell here on American soil?”