OBAMA ADMINISTRATION: Dr. Ben Carson Explains the Silence, the Lies, the Psychosis

Written by Allan Erickson on May 12, 2015

Commemoration of the 70th Anniversary of Victory in Europe Day, May 8th
Celebrating the end of WWII in Europe No comment

Obama promised reform at the VA and the IRS, no progress made No comment

Hillary accused of violating Obama policies on official email use and Clinton
Foundation contribution called influence peddling No comment

New Black Panthers vow to kill whites, including babies in nurseries No comment

Police officer murdered in New York No comment

University professors say whites are condemned as racist slave owners No comment

Two police officers murdered in Mississippi No comment

Several Iranian leaders call for war with U.S., chant ‘Death to America’ No comment

White House officials attend funeral for Freddie Gray, no WH officials attend
funeral for Chris Kyle or the three NY police officers murdered there No comment

ISIS murders 300 Yazidi hostages, executes Sunni Muslims No comment

ISIS executes 13 teens for watching soccer, rapes and stones women No comment

Americans trapped in Yemen appeal for U.S. aid to escape No comment

Obama liked about bin Laden raid, report by Seymour Hersh No comment

Rulers Snub Arab Summit, Hurting US Bid for Iran Deal No comment

Obama accused of serial foreign policy disasters, of having no strategy No comment

American no longer respected: enemies do not fear, friends do not trust No comment

Obama accused of abusing his power, court finds he violated the Constitution No comment

Obama blamed for catastrophes in Syria, Iraq, Yemen No comment

Economic Recovery Is Pure Propaganda: facts don’t lie No comment

Blacks and Hispanics worse off under Obamanomics No comment

Middle Class hurt by Obama economic policies, rich get richer No comment

WWIII predicted in Middle East behind arms race sparked by Obama No comment


Dr. Ben Carson calls Obama a “psychopath”.

Image: http://groundreport.com/why-doesnt-president-obama-offer-any-personal-condolences-to-russian-president-putin-after-volgograd-suicide-bombings/

Allan Erickson
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