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SICK AND GETTING SICKER THIS MOTHER’S DAY! Pro-Abort Satanists, Infanticidal Peter Singer and Gay Men Having Abortions

One of my favorite shows on television is 19 Kids & Counting. It’s not just because I love watching them help each other and other people in need, or the way they turn to God for answers every chance they get and give Him all the glory he deserves. But because of how excited they all get when one of them is expecting. They support and rally around each other as a family and expect nothing of anyone else, their faith is so complete. When life hands them lemons they don’t burn down Arkansas.

Contrast that to “Mary” from Missouri who just cannot abide by that state’s 72 hour abortion waiting period because of her sincerely held religious beliefs in Satanism. “Mary”, and now her Satanic Temple’s head – wait, what do you call the head of a satanic temple? Is it priest? – anyway his name is Damien (but of course) has got involved and they’ve formed a group called Project Mary.

The group asserts that the 72 hour waiting period for an abortion is an obstacle and based on junk science and medical misinformation. She also, according to her GoFundMe page, claims that the state throws up too many restrictions to having an  abortion, one of which is having to pay for it. She states that having to travel hundreds of miles to St. Louis to the state’s only abortion clinic and pay for lodging for her and her other child is one of those extreme restrictions.

Lucky for Mary she’s a Satanist with sincerely held religious beliefs and not a Christian baker otherwise GoFundMe would have booted her and she actually would have to pay for all this inconvenience herself.

Two things stand out for me immediately. First hasn’t she, with organizing all this hoopla and publicity already waited 72 hours?

Second where’s the dad and why isn’t he driving her to St. Louis? And third, since I’m going to assume abstinence isn’t in the satanic dictionary or one of their sincerely held religious beliefs, wouldn’t a condom or birth control pills have been a much more logical way to go instead of murdering your baby?

But who cares, her feelings are what matter, right?

 There are two new pieces of legislation coming up before congress. One is the Reproductive Health Non- Discrimination Act. A bill that would force pro-life groups including churches to hire pro-abortion, openly hostile whack jobs no matter how much they hate Christians. The other is the Human Rights Amendment Act that would force religious schools to violate their beliefs and encourage and condone homosexual behavior and other sexual immorality.

These are big important sounding bills that, if passed, would surely swing a few fence sitters over to the dark side, and just in case they can’t be coerced into killing their babies, well, the left has that figured out as well. We have ethics professor Peter Singer. This “ethics” professor believes that government and private insurance companies should deny treatment to disabled babies.

Professor Singer in an interview with Aaron Klein stated that Obamacare should be more open about health care rationing for these infants and that the cost should dictate whether a child is worth the medical treatment he/she may need. Professor Singer referred to these children only as “it” and finally admitted that rationing was just another term for terminate.

Now to be fair. professor Singer only calls for severely disabled children to be denied treatment, but let’s be real – how long before moderately or kind-of-disabled children are denied care? Or what if, like Mary, they just
don’t feel like taking a bus to the doctor for their child.

One other thing caught my eye last week and that was a new service being offered in New York. This new service is centered on giving gay men the simulated abortion experience. It seems these men were feeling left out on all the killing and felt that unless they were offered abortions like real women they wouldn’t be takenseriously?! Anyway the name of the place escapes me but abortions are being labeled as a spa-like experience, yup just like an abortion!

I’m not sure what’s scarier, gay men having abortions or the complete nonchalance pregnancy and birth is given.

I started to write an article about Mother’s Day and all of the wonderful women I know who are moms. I especially want to thank the amazing strong women who helped form me as a child and who, like the Duggars, celebrated life, especially new life. Everyone helped and no-one ever thought of terminating because that little life mattered. These women grew stronger and it wasn’t because child birth is a form of adversity to be gotten through but because it was life. And they knew that nothing was certain and that raising a child was God’s work and will. I miss those women and I hope in some way I can make them proud.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Noreen O'Brien

Noreen O'Brien is a college grad. with a degree in psychology. Noreen worked for years with troubled teens and their families until the revolving door of liberalism made success for these families impossible. She grew up on cape cod Ma., Sweden, France and England and now makes Maine her home.