I sometimes wonder where the next idea for a cartoon might emerge. I’d like to make my living doing this stuff. Laughing all day seems a great way to enter the downhill slide into old age. What if I quit my dull (and terrifying) day job and really pursued cartooning. I love the drawing part. I’ve even grown to enjoy my own drawing style. But … what if I did quit the day job … and … then ideas stopped coming to my mind? The new career would go out with a whimper. Pathetic!

But … then I remember the Democrats and liberal/commie/socialist/pukes! (Of course, I include RINOs in this group of limp-wristed pansies … which only leaves about seven or eight in the Republican side of the aisles in congress).

Arrogant self-absorbed politicians, like the one pictured, by their actions, loudly proclaim their greed and corruption. Of course, I only hope the Americans around me will notice the abject unsuitableness of such persons for high office … but even if we as a nation and race of freeborn men have become blind to the natural defects of such persons … I can still count on the unending supply of inspiration such cretins afford cartoonists.

It’s a Gileadean balm of humor to my soul in a dark day.

Steve Bowers
Steve Bowers grew up on a farm in Indiana, attended Indiana University and went into the construction business. While working on a construction project at a law school he was appalled at how lawyers could screw stuff up on a simple building project. Thinking he could do better, Steve went to law school. He’s pretty naive.


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