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WASHINGTON POST: Ignores Crime Data to Paint Cops as Trigger Happy Racists

by John Cardillo


According to the Washington Post, police shot 171 Whites and 100 Blacks in the first five months of 2015 debunking the false narrative that cops are disproportionately shooting Black Americans.

As it is the far left Washington Post, and the notoriously anti-police Wesley Lowery was a reporter on the piece, they went on to write this:


On its face this seems logical but in reality is fundamentally flawed. While census data is relevant, it is meaningless if not reconciled against FBI crime data on the percentage of crime, especially violent crime, committed by each race.

When we bring those numbers into the equation a different picture emerges.

According to the US Census Bureau and FBI Unified Crime Reporting, Blacks are 13.2 percent of the population but are arrested for 52.2 percent of murders and non-negligent manslaughters and 56.4 percent of robberies. Blacks are arrested for 28.3 percent of all crime, while Whites who represent 77.7 of the population are arrested for 68.9 percent of total crime.

Blacks are arrested for 31.3 percent of rapes, 33.9 percent of aggravated assaults, and 39.8 percent of weapons crimes. Rates three times that of the Black population. Yet for the same crimes, Whites are being arrested at rates lower than their population distribution.

When you adjust for Census tracts, police are three times more likely to encounter Black suspects in Black neighborhoods than they are White suspects in White neighborhoods. This debunks WaPo’s flawed conclusion that according to census tracts, cops are three times more likely to shoot unarmed Black suspects.

The ratio is right where it should be. In fact, when it comes to violent crime, police are pulling the trigger on Black suspects at a rate less than they are Whites.

Washington Post editors should be ashamed that they ran such a shoddily researched piece.

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