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AMAZONIAN TESTICLE-CHOMPER: Freakish Fish with Human-Like Teeth Found In New Jersey Eats Dudes’ Balls

Dudes, you don’t want to be anywhere near this fish – it will literally bite your boys off. If you want to swim in New Jersey, make sure you wear a cup. You’re better off taking a dip in the pool.

DELRAN TWP. — A township man got a little surprise at a local lake this weekend when he caught a fish normally found in the Amazon, according to a report by 6 ABC.

Ron Rossi was out fishing with his son, Frank, at Swedes Lake off of Leon Avenue when he hooked something he had never seen before.

When they scooped the fish out of the water, they were sure it a piranha, but after looking online, they realized it was another Amazonian fish called a Pacu, according to the report.

The same kind of fish was blamed for the death of two New Guina men in 2011 when they died from blood loss after the pacu bit their testicles.

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