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BLACK IS WHITE–And Reality Is Whatever You Want It to Be in Rachel Dolezal’s America

While sane people are trying to make any kind of sense of Rachel Dolezal’s conflicted, illogical debacle of a life, I consider her to be exemplary of the American social trends of the last ten to fifteen years.  She has made a career of being a serial victim, even fabricating actual persecution, in order to take full advantage of the benefits and sick sort of “prestige” that goes with it.  One such “benefit” is the unwarranted admiration of others for “overcoming” adversity, even if it is mythical.  

At 39, this blonde, blue-eyed and befreckled white girl has cast herself as a black person (I don’t do hyphens), falsified applications for jobs and membership in the NAACP, and lied openly and often about her lineage.  She has severed contact with her Caucasian biological parents, instead claiming an unrelated elderly black man as her father.  Her entire adult life appears to be a fraud, concocted from layers of deception and denial of who and what she really is.  The larger issue is how all this bamboozle is possible in today‘s society.

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Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal falsely claimed military service, in a shameless effort to garner undue respect and advantage from voters.  When proven to be a liar, he called it a “mistake” and got elected anyway.  Massachusetts’ junior Senator Elizabeth Warren did the same thing, claiming her ethnicity was “native American” in order to gain advantage and position at Penn and Harvard University, and later to get elected.  It has been proven to be not only a lie, but actual research into her genealogy by official Native American record keepers implied that one of her direct ancestors was in fact responsible for persecuting and selling out the indigenous people for his own gain.   

Nowadays, these kinds of subterfuges aren’t difficult to perpetrate, with our society trending headlong towards redefining reality to suit our fantasies.  Facilitating this societal play-acting is the Liberal agenda to “redefine” practically every term or description to fit whatever reality is desired.  At stake is our collective sanity, as well as our freedoms and way of life.  Don’t think so?  

Rush Limbaugh often uses the phrase that  “Words mean things”.  This is the time-proven doctrine that in order for anything we say to have meaning, it must have a fixed point of reference or context from which it cannot be redefined into something different.  When that established meaning or factual reality is parsed out of all context, meaning becomes meaningless.  

In fairness, this verbal contortionism isn’t limited to Liberals.  Many professing Christians and even whole denominations twist Biblical precepts out of context, to escape accountability for things they either disagree with or are simply uncomfortable about, rather than acknowledging that since it’s God’s book, He gets the say on what things mean and how they are to be acquiesced to.  

This truth-morphing trend is perhaps the most extreme manifestation of narcissism, where what we want to be true actually trumps reality.  This is also known in psychiatric circles as delusional disorder.  But hey, a little make-believe never hurt anyone, right?  Well, let’s see.

Here’s a few contemporary societal examples of how this works, and the consequences to others.

“It’s not a baby, if I say it isn’t.  Then I can do whatever I want about this unwanted pregnancy.” However, a developing human baby often dies as a result.

“It’s rape if I say it is, even after consensual sex.  It all depends on how I ‘feel’ about it afterwards, and whether being a victim has advantages for me and what I want.”  The problem is that one person gets to define the situation however they want, while the other gets prosecuted, loses their freedom and becomes a pariah for life.  

Is “Father” now to mean whomever invested in us as a parental influence, not sired us genetically?  Wrong, that’s why we call them “father figures”, not actual fathers.  This is more of Hillary Clinton’s stolen  “It Takes A Village” nonsense.  There’s nothing wrong with assigning a term of endearment to someone who helped shape us in a positive manner, but not to the point where the use of such a term makes it a lie.

Regarding Bruce Jenner ( I refuse to call him by his pretend name), male is NOT female, Bruce.  feelings don’t trump genetics, history, nor biology.  You are a man, however strange a one you may have become.  

As for Rachel Dolezal’s situation, one Liberal pundit on a talk show actually tried to legitimize her deception by positing that ethnicity/race is an “experience”, and not an actual genetic derivation.  This mental contortion reminded me of Steve Martin’s movie The Jerk, where he was “born a poor black child”. We laughed then at the absurdity of it; we should also be laughing now.  Loudly.

Along with Dolezal’s chicanery, I’m reminded of how easily and completely President Obama has expunged and ignored the fact that he is 50% white.  His mother utterly vanished from the public conscience BEFORE he was even elected the first time, and is never seen nor heard from during this sitting president’s EIGHT YEARS as the most powerful man in the world.  We see his black wife, black daughters, black pastor and even his black dog, but never ever his white mother.  He has blocked out and ignored his white heritage from his persona and ethnicity, because it doesn’t suit his chosen narrative.  But he IS half Caucasian, whether he acknowledges it or not.  Facts are inconvenient like that.

The problem with all this prevaricating and crying wolf is that it robs the credibility of those who have actually been victimized or disadvantaged.  Like welfare cheats or insurance frauds, the very thing these people exploit for their own selfish, twisted gain gets ruined for those who do actually need it.  When the meaning of words (and reality) is subject to however the user wants to parse them for their own purposes, we aren’t progressing.  We are regressing to the mentality of 3-year olds — only the consequences aren’t a possible spanking or scolding.  Our freedoms and our society are at stake, literally.  

Rising from personal failure or disadvantage to overcome setbacks is not the same as faking it, or faking the setbacks, or fabricating false persecution in order to receive special considerations.  The former represents the finest of human traits and determination.  The latter represents the worst.  That line of distinction is getting more blurred every day.  With its advance, the truth about life is dying.

Reality is not what I say it is.  It isn’t up to me, or you, or Rachel Dolezal to decide against the facts of life.  


Nathan Clark

Nathan Clark is a conservative commentator who resides with his wife in New Hampshire. He is passionate about preserving the vision of our nation's Founders and advancing those tried and true principles deep into America's future. His interests range broadly from flyfishing, cooking and shooting to pro sports, gardening, live music and fine-scale modeling.

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