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COMING DISTRACTIONS: ‘Bread and Circuses’ Versus Important Issues

Politics during an upcoming election cycle has sometimes been called the “silly season”.   This time around, given the choices, I think we could borrow the title from an old 1960s song by British singer Donovan…”The Season of the Witch”.   But, I digress.   What we’re really going to be inundated with is a lot of news items designed to provide distraction from the liberal agenda. 

The best example of a distraction story going around now is Caitlyn Jenner.  Speaking solely for myself…I could care less.  I googled “how many stories about Caitlyn Jenner” and it came up that there were 104 million results.   That’s 104,000,000 stories with some kind of perspective about Jenner. I have no way of knowing if that number is correct or not, but enough is enough.  You’d think that the media, from both sides,  had just found out about transgendered people.   They’re acting like they have a bright, new, shiny thing to play with.  

First off, Jenner hasn’t even had sexual reassignment surgery yet, only  some facial surgery…the little fella’s still there.   But when Jenner finally does get around to doing the deed, he/she won’t be that unique.  What is regarded as the first successful “sex change” (the phrase sexual reassignment surgery didn’t come into use until later) was Lili Elbe in 1930 in Germany.  Other well known transsexuals who went through the procedure were Christine Jorgensen in Denmark in 1952, and Renne Richards in 1975.   Richards previously was a well known tennis pro born Richard Raskind.   Banned from playing professionally as a woman by the United States Tennis Association, the New York Supreme Court ruled in her favor in 1977.   Richards, who was also a well known ophthalmologist, is now retired. 

The point is, there’s nothing new, or even that interesting, about transsexuals.  They’re out there, they’re living their lives and unless you know one personally, you probably won’t even know if you’ve met one or not.  As far as male to female trannies go, body type is meaningless.   There are a lot of tall women out there also.  My wife is six inches taller than me, so big deal.  Stories about Jenner, or about trannies in general, are a distraction.

The newest distraction du jour is Rachel Dolezal,   the white, former NAACP official who claims to be black.  Once again, there’s nothing new about whites working on civil rights issues with blacks.   A lot of the Freedom Riders of the 1960s civil rights movement were white.   What’s happening with Dolezal is something different, though.  She self-identifies as black, even though her lily white, Caucasian parents have come forward to prove otherwise.   The overriding central issue, however, is fraud.  If she represented herself falsely as black in order to gain advancement professionally or financially,  she could be in a world of hurt.  Time will tell because this story is far from over.   Stay tuned.

So, just what are we being distracted from?   With the “bread and circuses” mentality of the liberal media, and sadly a good portion of the populace, we’re not supposed to pay attention to any of the following:
* 20 TRILLION in debt.  (That’s a number with a lot of zeros, and I have a hard time wrapping my head around 1 billion…)
* Islam….ISIS in particular, but the rise of Islamic terrorist acts in our own country.   Remember, we’ve had a beheading on US soil.
* The TSA is practically useless.  Federal agents recently simulated the smuggling of bombs and weapons.  The TSA failed 95% of the time to notice.
* More attempts to go after the 2nd Amendment rights of every American.  This time, they’re going after ammunition.  
* The eroding respect for our men and women in law enforcement everywhere.
* The assault against Christianity here, and the slaughter of Christians in Islamic countries.
* Political correctness so pervasive that free speech is becoming a thing of the past in our colleges and universities.
* Obamacare is still here.
* After nearly 8  years of Obama, we still have an anemic economy, with over 90 million out of the work force, and 40 million plus on food stamps.
* An immigration policy that amounts to nothing less than an open door for the human dregs of every third world toilet. 

This is just the short list, but I’ve saved the best reason for distraction for last:

* Her Highness, Madam Secretary, Hillary Rodham Clinton.  If this were a true outline format, the following sub-points of reasons to be distracted from her would be:
– Benghazi.   Never forget that an American ambassador died during this debacle.
– Clinton email problems
– Clinton Foundation contributions from questionable foreign sources.
– Her State Dept. accomplishments….really?
– Speaking of the State Dept., something like six Billion was unaccounted for during her tenure there.
– Rudeness to voters.
– Not talking to the press, unless she’s in total control of the situation
– Her overall “trustworthiness” regarding money, her past, her dealings with staff, etc., etc.

Once again, I could go on, but with a scandal du jour popping up, this list is open-ended at this point.  While I personally don’t give an airborne copulation about Jenner or Dolezal, it’s been reported that each of these folks will probably be getting their own reality TV shows.   Now if that’s not a planned diversion to take the general public’s attention away from what’s really going on, I don’t know what is.  

Those of us who won’t fall for the “bread and circuses” approach have a duty to keep tabs on what’s happening outside our TV screens.   And not only a duty, but a responsibility to call out the liberal BS when we see it.   We’re going to see plenty of it between now and the election.  


John DeGroff

John DeGroff is the original bass player for the Christian rock band Petra. He currently plays for the band GHF which is comprised of other original members from Petra. DeGroff has extensive experience as a freelance music journalist and newspaper reporter as well as an on-line music reviewer. He is a member of the Gospel Music Hall of Fame and lives in Warsaw, Indiana where he is employed as a care giver for mentally challenged adults.

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