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DISGUSTING: What These 4 Teen Thugs Did to a Mentally Disabled Girl at School Is Horrific

What kind of monsters do these teens have to be to do this to a mentally disabled girl?

by Christina Veiga, Miami Herald

Near the end of a school day early this year at North Miami Senior High, a student approached one of his classmates — a mentally disabled teenage girl in a job training program.

He told her she was pretty and asked her to follow him, leading her to another boy who took her hand. They slipped into a janitor’s closet, closed the door, turned out the lights and — joined by three other boys — gang raped her, according to arrest forms.

One boy told her not to tell, but she did after a security guard caught them leaving the closet. The victim later told Miami-Dade school police the boys “forced her to perform oral, anal and vaginal sex acts.”

The charges of the horrific rape left many teachers shaken and worried about security on a campus with 2,400 students. But it has escaped public attention until now, as her four accused assailants face pending trials in Miami-Dade County criminal court.

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