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DUDE THOUGHT HE WAS WIPING BUTT WITH WET WIPES: Until His Butt Started Burning & He Saw This

And the Darwin Award goes to…this idiot right here. This Reddit user posted his horrifying bathroom experience under the section, “Today I F*cked Up”. Check it out…

This was three years ago and it was my first time in the United States. I was just used to wiping my butt with toilet paper/water spray device after taking a dump, prior to coming here. So, I moved in to the free room of this apartment; the apartment was already occupied by 2 other people and I was the 3rd person. I had to take a big dump and I found out that there was no toilet paper.

Fortunately, I saw this box labeled “Clorox” containing what I thought were wet wipes. So, I pulled one of the wipes from the cylindrical box and wiped my butt with it. My anus started BURNING, but I kept going on; I had never used wet wipes before. I figured this is usually how it was. It did the job but I later realized that it contained a range of chemicals and it was a disinfectant used for cleaning kitchen stove tops and other dirty surfaces. Never again did I use clorox for wiping my butt.

Lesson learned.

Via Reddit user theacorneater

H/T Bro Bible

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