WHITE CHICK WHO SAYS SHE’S BLACK: Not Only Is She a BS Spewing Race-Baiter, She’s Also BiSexual

Garsh … she’s the ultimate victim, eh? Rachel Dolezal is starting to look just like Hillary – lying her @ss off and trying to become the Left’s poster child. Now, this!

Dolezal, who was born white but became the leader of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People’s (NAACP) Spokane, Wash. chapter after representing herself as African-American (her supporters claim she’s “transracial“), is fluid in other ways, too.

“I’d guess I’m also one of the youngest presidents [of the NAACP],” Dolezal said in a December interview with the publication Spokane Faith and Values. “As a single mom who has lived on the poverty line and identifies as bisexual, perhaps some of my other demographics are also a first for Spokane. I know there is a strong majority of older straight men with strong church ties leading many of the branches nationally.”

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