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GLENN BECK SHOWS UP IN CHARLESTON: And This MSNBC Reporter Breaks Down at What He Sees

This MSNBC reporters breaks down at what he sees happening in Charleston – but he doesn’t realize why the crowd is there.

MSNBC anchor Thomas Roberts broke down on-air Friday while reporting live from Charleston, South Carolina.

Emotion welled up within the news anchor as he watched hundreds of people arrive at the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston singing Gospel songs. As the scene was unfolding, accused shooter Dylann Roof was standing for his bond hearing in another part of town.

What Roberts did not realize was that conservative television commentator and radio talk show host Glenn Beck was responsible for the crowd. The media personality had flown in to Charleston and asked people to join him in a nearby park to pray.

The Blaze’s deputy managing editor Jonathan Seidl tweeted this image out from the MSNBC coverage.

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