UNREAL: What This Illegal Immigrant Student Did At Graduation Is Upsetting A Lot of People

This student graduating from UCSD just did something while walking at graduation that has a lot of people angry. What do you think?

As an undocumented immigrant walked across the stage to accept her diploma from the University Of California – San Diego, she proudly unfurled a large green, white and red Mexican flag.

Indira Esparza, 22, came to the United States from Mexico with her parents when she was two, but is still a Mexican citizen, according to The San Diego Union-Tribune.

During her time at UCSD, Esparza established the Undocumented Student Services Center so that she and other undocumented students could talk about their shared insecurities, arising from family members being deported, financial stress and being judged by fellow students because of their immigration status.

“No matter how hard you work or how qualified you are there are people… (who feel) that we’re taking the place of a student that was born here,” she told the paper.

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