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GUILTY IF WHITE! Is That the New Norm?

It may be me, but is the world headed toward Planet Crazy at warp speed?

There just seems to be so much to write about that there’s never enough time or space in my column.

Let’s start with McKinney police officer Eric Casebolt. This officer decided to resign over an incident that seems all too common place in America these days. I can’t say I blame officer Casebolt, especially after McKinney Police Chief Greg Conley threw him under the bus. But whatever happened, the benefit of the doubt has long since crossed the border to Neverland. It has long been guilty until proven innocent in this country, now it’s always guilty if white.

A public teacher Karen Fitzgibbons took to Facebook to voice her opinion and as predicted was fired from her job. She wrote that blacks should be segregated from whites so they can hurt each other and leave innocent people alone. I believe if the media were doing their jobs and reporting on these racial incidents more people would be voicing their opinions and agreeing with Karen Fitzgibbons.

The sad thing is no-one wins in this scenario. Obama can’t kill people’s thoughts, so he kills their rights to speak them. He can’t outlaw guns so he kills any sort of speech about them. He can’t control people’s opinions so we fine them and ostracize them. It’s like the modern version of a leper colony.

But now instead of really truly dealing with the true cause of racial division in this country Obama has decided to use HUD to force diversity in wealthy neighborhoods. I hope McKinney wasn’t a first try?!

Anyway the big three ABC, NBC and CBS all love the idea. I say start in their neighborhoods. The politicians that vote for this, and I can only imagine the poor families that will love living in Hawaii.

A plan to cut military pensions by 20% is now in the hands of Congress. Yup, their pensions will go down not up. Alcee Hastings must think he’s getting a raise.

Muslims living in Sweden seem to be in a bit of a pickle. Ramadan is staring next week and they are a little confused as to when they can officially break their fast. In northern Sweden there are places that have 24 hours of daylight and further south the sun can almost go down for 3 hours a night.

Since Muslims can only eat after the sun goes down, the logical answer would be to approximate the time of sundown and act accordingly. But since Ramadan is a month long I say err on the side of caution and wait until the end of Ramadan, just to be sure.

Speaking of Islam, ISIS has banned pigeon breeding because the sight of the bird’s genitals flying overhead is offensive to Muslims. Why? Are they jealous? Pigeon breeding is a popular hobby in Middle East but is now punishable by public flogging. ISIS executed three boys earlier this year for the breeding of birds. I’m thinking goat breeding might make more sense.

There was a poll taken recently showing Americans believe animals should be given the same rights as humans. According to Dr. Richard Land that will mean the lowering of protection to human beings. In the mind of Dr. Peter Singer that’s already a given. He believes handicapped children already cost too much and should be eliminated. He said to Richard Dawkins that buying a ham at a grocery store was more worrisome to him than aborting a child. Here’s a tip: buy Tofurkey and don’t breed.

A billboard sponsored by ProLife Across America has some activists losing their collective minds! The reason it seems is the image shown is of a black female child and it reads Dad’s Princess. So in other words it’s not only racist it’s sexist. A group called “Sister Song” wants it removed! One of the activists stated the billboard is an attempt to shame women and condemn the choices they make. Isn’t calling for removal of the billboard doing just that?

When the billboard was put up in Memphis last month, one pastor said the billboard was trying to “facilitate the erasure of black women.” I still can’t wrap my head around that statement, I think he just wanted to use the word facilitate in a sentence.

And last but not least, as everyone knows there are two murderers on the run from the Clinton Facility in New York, God knows I hope they’re captured quickly. But whoever named the prison was surely thinking ahead. Now that there are 2 spots open, Bill and Hillary can move right in and not bother changing their names.


Noreen O'Brien

Noreen O'Brien is a college grad. with a degree in psychology. Noreen worked for years with troubled teens and their families until the revolving door of liberalism made success for these families impossible. She grew up on cape cod Ma., Sweden, France and England and now makes Maine her home.

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