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NEW COP VIDEO: Shows Cop Opening Fire on Car Full of Black Teens – When Will the Riots Start?

This footage was recently released by a Chicago judge that shows an officer shooting a car that was carrying 6 black teens. What do you think of the footage?

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A retired Chicago judge has released a dashboard camera video that shows an officer firing more than a dozen rounds into a car carrying six unarmed black teenagers, two of whom were wounded.

The grainy footage was recorded on the evening of December 22, 2013. The news website The Chicago Reporter obtained the video from former Cook County Judge Andrew Berman, who presided over a criminal case against one of the teens involved in the police shooting.

In the video, a Chicago police officer identified in court filings as Marco Proano is seen opening fire on a car filled with African-American teenagers at 95th and LaSalle streets on Chicago’s South Side.

According to court documents, before gunshots rang out, Proano pulled the vehicle over for speeding.

One of the car’s occupants suffered a gunshot wound to the shoulder and a bullet grazed his cheek and forehead.

Another boy was hit in his left hip and right heel, and a third teen suffered an injury to his eye when he was forced to the ground by police officers.

Judge Berman, who told the local news outlet that he has seen many grisly crimes over the course of his career, said he found the dashcam video so disturbing that he decided to make it public.

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