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MITT ROMNEY: Says Confederate Flag Is a ‘Symbol of Racial Hatred’

Mitt Romney seems to be echoing the stance on the Left when it comes to the Confederate flag being flown.

On June 20 former GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney called for South Carolina to remove the Confederate flag from their state Capitol grounds in Columbia.

His call comes in the wake of the heinous attack on Charleston’s Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church. It follows a photo of the suspected gunman, Dylann Roof, in which Roof is seen leaning against his car with a Confederate flag license plate visible on the front of his vehicle being widely circulated.

Here were Romney’s exact words: “Take down the Confederate Flag at the SC Capitol. To many, it is a symbol of racial hatred. Remove it now to honor Charleston victims.”

With this, Romney joins President Obama in calling for the flag to be removed. In so doing, the former presidential candidate fails to realize he is taking a page of out of the left’s playbook, whereby they blame the flag instead of the miscreant, the gun instead of the gunman, etc.

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