PIERS MORGAN: ’19 Disgusting Things I Learned About the Duggars From Their TV interview’

Published on June 5, 2015

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Here’s what Piers Morgan has to say about the Duggars after watching the Megyn Kelly interview.

by Piers Morgan, Daily Mail

I watched Megyn Kelly’s Fox News interview with Jim-Bob and Michelle Duggar last night.

I’d like to amend that title to 19 Disgusting Things About The Duggars….and Counting.

Here’s why:

1) Their son Josh was a serial child abuser, yet they don’t seem to even realise this salient fact. ‘He was so young,’ they wailed, ‘he’d just turned 14’…. ‘he was so young’…etc, vomit-makingly etc. Here’s the only fact that matters: Josh Duggar sexually molested FOUR of his own young sisters, one as young as 5, and a baby-sitter.

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