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SHARIA IN AMERICA: The Numbers Don’t Lie

While the gods of political correctness are busy directing their shills (think Nikki Haley and Donald Trump) to attack the Confederate Flag and Pamela Geller–ISIS continues to implement sharia law in every square foot of land it subdues.
In a scathing report issued by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights–two young boys were crucified by ISIS operatives earlier last week in the Syrian city of Mayadeen. And what was their so-called crime? They were caught eating during Ramadan which is considered a “flagrant” and “obscene” violation of sharia law.
This atrocity is but a mere snapshot of the barbarity ISIS has inflicted on those unfortunate enough to get caught in its path. The list of miseries include: gang rapes, beheadings, genital mutilations, castrations, executions, hangings, immolations, stonings, whippings and amputations.
As you can see, the above list didn’t include the three most recent torture tactics employed by ISIS:  submerging a steel cage full of individuals in a pool of water, simultaneously blowing off the heads of three men using an explosive device– and placing four captives in a car then destroying it with a shoulder fired rocket.
Perhaps barbarity is an understatement?
In any case–all of this murder, mayhem and misery is the direct influence of sharia law. Yes, a law (as I have mentioned in previous posts) that is dangerously and violently antithetical to our Constitution.
With that comes highly disturbing news that should concern every law abiding,  patriotic American.
That’s right: Highly disturbing.
According to a just released survey by the Center for Security Policy— 51% of Muslims living in America believe that they “should have the choice of being governed according to sharia.”
Simply put:  The majority of Muslims living in America prefer sharia law (in all of its gruesome forms and implementations) over the US Constitution. 
Considering the sharia driven carnage we are now witnessing in Syria and Iraq (not to mention Libya, Nigeria and beyond)–the results of this survey should alarm ever US official.
After all–the numbers don’t lie.
But, alas–they are too consumed with their own PC driven jihads.
God save the Republic from sharia (and the shills).

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Pete Parker

Pete Parker is a Navy veteran and former strength athlete who writes about the current issues of the day from a conservative perspective. Pete was also the host of “TUFFTalk” radio which dealt with national security-- and the threat Islam poses to Western Civilization. He is very passionate about preserving our great nation’s Judeo-Christian heritage.

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