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WHY WOULD ANYONE WANT TO BE A POLICE OFFICER? America in 2015 Forces the Question

by Les Weaver
Clash Daily Contributor

Chicago, Baltimore, Ferguson, New York, Florida, McKinney, and the list continues to grow.  Every day there is another attack upon the police.  Yes, cops sometimes make mistakes.   That’s because they are human.  Yes, sometimes a rogue cop is exposed.  But all in all, the percent of these types in law enforcement are a far less percentage of the whole than in the general public.  Imagine if the general public was screened and had to meet the same mental, moral and stability goals to belong to society.  (Come to think of it, if it was enforceable that might be a good idea).

Our Constitution was established to guarantee that we are “innocent until proven guilty in a court of law”.  That has recently been changed to; “unless you’re a cop and then you are guilty by mob accusation and that goes for your family too”!

We now witness mob parades, (many illegal as riotous) and calls for lynching of police by mob rule.  Not always but most of the time, after full and lawful investigation, it is found that the cop was doing his sworn duty under law.  But by then his reputation is ruined and his finances are exhausted defending and hiding himself and his family from those that are breaking the law.  And because they are voters, the lawbreakers are too often protected by politicians.

Recently I read an article, (below) and I recommend that you read it carefully, absorb what meaning the author is conveying and then pass it on far and wide.  And when you read it also note that all of the video and witness statements have yet to be released.  Frankly when I consider the cop in question as human, instead of condemning him, perhaps he needs time off with pay to recover from his own emotional trauma, all caused by the public they’re trying to protect and serve.

I have begun to write about the issue of being a cop and will soon complete my writing.  In the meantime, I strongly promote that they deserve the benefit of a doubt.  If you have become a habitual doubter of cops, remove the “911” speed dial from your phone.  If you don’t call for their help, they won’t be there to make a mistake that you can jump on.

Why Would Anyone Want to Be a Cop?
Posted on June 11, 2015
by Bob Allen

You can’t want to be a cop unless you want to be a target for the media, the racial-grievance industry, and the so-called “Justice Department.”

You could not pay me enough to put on a police uniform today.

As Nate Jackson writes at the Patriot Post about the recent scandal in McKinney, Texas, “Can’t We All Just Get Along.”

First, a quick rundown of the facts: Residents say a woman invited a group of teens to the neighborhood pool for a birthday party, but the homeowners’ association limits homeowners to two guests. When 130 unruly teens descended on the pool, hopping fences and engaging in fights, concerned residents called the police. Casebolt was among three officers (at least on film) who responded.

A few of the teens bolted from the officers, who gave chase. Several teens ended up in handcuffs, with others trying to explain themselves and still others jawing at the cops. Most of them largely ignored police instructions, though otherwise presented no perceivable threat.

But the real brouhaha centered on Casebolt’s treatment of one bikini-clad girl, whom he pulled from a group and wrestled to the ground while cursing at her. Several teens rushed forward, prompting Casebolt to briefly draw his sidearm and chase off two large boys. He then held the girl down by kneeling on her back while continuing to curse at numerous other teens.

Here’s a major takeaway: For all of us citizens, follow (reasonable) instructions and don’t run from the police. Officers don’t take kindly to having to chase down even innocent bystanders — who they don’t know are innocent and must assume, based on the behavior of fleeing, may be guilty of a crime.

For officers, assume you’re always on camera and that your actions will be evaluated based on the footage. Casebolt surely knows the rationale for his actions beyond what we see, but it’s hard to come away from the video sympathizing with his severely agitated and bullying response.

If an officer is acting unjustly or “stupidly,” the

Keep Reading the Rest @: Why Would Anyone Want to be a Cop?


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