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BREAKING: Obama Green Lights Turkey to Kill Former U.S. Soldiers Fighting ISIS

This is the way of the Obama administration. Making deals with Iran and now this.

According to sources, over 40-50 U.S. soldiers are among the ranks of Kurds fighting the Islamic State. However, Turkey has long viewed Kurdish autonomy as a threat and have included Kurdish groups in their latest bombing attacks inside Syria.

And now, they have the White House’s blessing.

The Kurdish peshmerga, which has long been an ally of the United States, issued a statement about the White House’s move on their official Twitter account.

“Msg. to the American people and the US gov. : Is this a penalty because we fought against ISIS instead of the world?” one tweet read. “After the nuclear deal between Iran and US … Kurds= terrorists … Shiite militias (#PMF)= Forces to protect human rights.”

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According to the Gateway Pundit:

Turkish jets struck camps belonging to Kurdish militants in northern Iraq this weekend. This was Turkey’s first strike on the Kurds since a 2013 peace deal.

Americans and British soldiers are fighting with Kurds against ISIS.