GLENN BECK: Bans Donald Trump For This Bizarre Reason

This is a strange reason for Glenn Beck to do something like this.

Last week, The Huffington Post banned Donald Trump from their political coverage. This week, The Glenn Beck Program announced that they will no longer mention Trump on the show. Co-hosts Pat Gray and Stu Burguiere began the show by bashing the billionaire candidate.

“It’s the Glenn Beck Program with Pat & Stu, now 100% Trump Free, with 100% Less Trump,” Gray announced on Wednesday’s program.

“I’m sick of it,” said Burguiere. “So we’re moving on. Can’t do another show.”

If you are wondering why Trump has been banned from The Glenn Beck Program, Beck and Arianna Huffington are good friends. HuffPo did it to Trump last week. The Glenn Beck Program did it this week.

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