BREAKING: Obama Takes Revenge On Gun Store Owner Who Banned Muslims

Published on July 21, 2015

This is the way of the Obama administration. They will always silence and punish the opposition.

INVERNESS, FL (WFLA) – Inverness-based Florida Gun Supply’s owner Andy Hallinan declared his store a “Muslim-free Zone,” in a politically controversial video posted on his business Facebook page. The post was met with a mix of support and strong criticism, particularly from the Council of American-Islamic Relations, which is calling for the U.S. Department of Justice to investigate federal civil rights violations.

In the video, Hallinan sits in front of a back-drop of a Confederate flag. He begins talking about Southern heritage.

“This flag represents nothing but the rich heritage of the South and the willingness of patriots to stand up against tyranny of all sorts,” Hallinan says.

He says there is more racism in the U.S. now than there was before the Obama administration got into office.

“Our leaders are telling you that the cross is a symbol of intolerance and hatred, bigotry and anti-homosexuality. Don’t believe their lies,” Hallinan says.

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According to WFLA, the Department of Justice said they will be investigating the store for possible civil rights violations connected to its “Muslim-free” policy.

Hallinan appeared on Carol Costello’s program on CNN Tuesday to defend his store’s new policy. (BizPac Review)