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DONALD TRUMP: Gives Out Lindsey Graham’s Cell # After Graham Calls Him A Jackass

Donald Trump knows that it takes two to play the game. Do you think he went too far?

Billionaire Donald Trump upped the ante on Tuesday in his ongoing feud with Lindsey Graham, reading the senator’s private cell phone number to a crowd in his home state of South Carolina – and urging them to call it to complain directly to him.

The two presidential candidates have been driving media coverage with a tit-for-tat series of insults. On Tuesday, Trump called Graham an ‘idiot.’

Hours earlier, Graham told the CBS ‘This Morning’ audience that Trump should ‘stay in the race’ if he wants to, but ‘just stop being a jackass.’

Trump gave out the phone number duing a televised speech, and urged South Carolinians gathered at the Sun City retirement communtiy near Myrtle Beach to call their senior senator.

‘Give it a shot,’ Trump said, reading off the number, which began with Washington, D.C.’s 202 area code.

He also questioned Graham’s intelligence, saying that ‘he doesn’t seem like a very bright guy.’

‘I think Rick Perry is probably smarter than Lindsey Graham. But what do I know? He’s got the glasses.’

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