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DEMOCRATS: ENEMIES OF AMERICA– and the Conservatives Who Stupidly Help Them

Condi Rice was right to say we were not on a war footing just before 9/11. (We are still not on a war footing.)  Rice was Secretary of State in the Bush administration.  However, along with the President, she was wrong to call Islam a religion of peace.  That errant thinking is what prevents us from being on a war footing.  Authoritative Islam has waged war on the West for centuries.  One wonders when Westerners will wake up and get on a war footing: hopefully before it is too late.

In a similar way, some American conservatives are not on a war footing in our fight against the Far Left, aka, the Democrat Party.  The Democrat Party is so radicalized it would repel FDR, Truman and JFK.   The Democrat Party is not the party of peace.  It has become the party of war, the party responsible for launching the culture war and all the escalations seen in the last sixty years, a war waged to destroy traditional Americanism.

Conservatives continue making the fatal error of believing Democrats are fellow Americans, patriots we can work with, people interested in bipartisanship. It is a lie. They are not fellow Americans in any sense.

The Democrat Party has become thoroughly anti-American, from condemning God and the Founding Fathers, to promoting immorality on every front, inciting race riots, encouraging lawlessness, insisting on communism, concentrating power in the Executive Branch, shredding the Constitution and denigrating the Declaration.  In truth, the Democrat Party, by joining a coalition of communists and other radicals, has become an enemy of the United States.  

When Barack Obama says he wants to “fundamentally transform” America, he means he wants to destroy traditional America and her values, replacing America with something that would horrify the Founders, a collectivist dictatorship submissive to the U.N., essentially the destruction of the American Republic. Everything he does is designed and executed to achieve those goals.  

Our central defense is the Constitution.  The “living Constitution” crowd led by Obama and the Democrats actually wants the document dead so they can have free reign.  

Recent SCOTUS decisions on ObamaCare and marriage make it clear: the central government is now run by dictators completely disinterested in and antagonistic toward the will of The People.  The proliferation of evil is clearly demonstrated by Democrat leaders like HRC and BHO when they demand we change our minds about homosexuality and abortion, threatening us with punishment unless we betray our faith and bend to their will.  When we find our leaders in bed with certain Jihadist leaders and movements, the appearance of evil becomes even more focused.

It is astounding when conservatives continue believing they can work with Democrats, even joining in support of their war tactics: astoundingly stupid.  The clash over the Confederate flag is an example.  A drug-addled lunatic murders people in a South Carolina church.  Immediately, associated lunatics escalate the culture war crying “RACISM!” demanding the removal of the Confederate flag, holding the flag responsible for the killings, its removal promising future deterrent: ridiculous on both counts. The real purpose is demoralization: another attack on anything serving traditionalism, a way to roil racial tensions, cause division, restrict free speech, promote gun control, and bring down the Union.

Rather than take a stand against this calculated agitation and subversion, certain conservatives actually join the effort, lending aid and comfort to the enemy. Both Rand Paul and Jeb Bush came out recently joining the loons in Democrat ranks calling the Confederate flag a symbol of racism and slavery, endorsing its removal.  The conservative governor of South Carolina joined the charade.  These conservatives are not on a war footing.  They think they can appease Democrats and compromise with evil.

Like lemmings stumbling to their political deaths, conservatives who compromise with Democrats and submit to their idiotic demands simply make a deal with the devil, supposedly to create the big tent.  In reality, they fashion their own bonds.

Unfortunately, the truth is we must be on a war footing with Democrats just as much as with Jihad.  Nothing less than the survival of American liberty is at stake.

Allan Erickson

Allan Erickson---Christian, husband, father, journalist, businessman, screenwriter, and author of The Cross & the Constitution in the Age of Incoherence, Tate Publishing, 2012.

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