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GRILLED DONUTS? EPA and Vegan Friendly Grilling

So just in the nick of time, our local news here in BBQ-country Houston Texas, attempted to inspire our Independence Day grill’n. Okay, that’s good, but what did they do for inspiration?? Well shucks, let’s bring out a smart grill and put some donuts on it! Yeah, that’s manly, I’m sure that gets your drooling juices flowing doesn’t it…Because after all nothing says grilling like donuts. Well, what the hell kind if tom foolery is this?

This is manly-man Texas, home of oil barons and cowboys, by golly. Where the likes of Davey Crockett, Sam Houston and Jim Bowie stomped about. I’m also pretty sure these kind of manly-men didn’t sit around grilling donuts, not even on open flame. Okay, let me say it, bbq’d donuts sound like something served at a gay pride parade (in reference to my last article.)

I know some may have drunk the politically correct Kool-Aide and actually might think grilling donuts is cool. But to me this is nothing more than bloated political correctness, something that will make the EPA, gays and vegans jump for joy, with blazing approval. And by the way, no animals were harmed in this grilling film.

Ok, possibly the “donut grilling” was done just to show us viewers all that this new “smart” grill is capable of. But seriously, with smart grills starting at $5500.00, isn’t it overkill for nothing more than a glorified toaster oven? If you’re a man and your saying to yourself, “Oh, yes, I must hurry out and buy this so I can grill donuts, well let me guess…you love Obama, hate guns, wear a sweater tied around your neck and your underwear matches your outfit.

For our families Independence Day celebration bbq, we get lots of red meat and throw it on some real coals, period! Because nothing says bbq like fire, real fire and the awesome blue smoke that comes with it and the wood chips, too. I can smell it and taste it now, are you drooling yet? Or are you more a grilled donut person? Sheez.

Image: Screen Shot FOX 26, Houston, TX

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