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HISTORY WARNS US: Dangers of Dehumanizing Humanity

Stories, words, pictures, and video: methods to record and then virtually re-create a distant place or point in history, in an attempt to introduce an otherwise unknown time or place to a student of history or culture, or to try and help prevent the repeat of the darkest moments of history.

When a friend of mine asked me how I became a conservative, I told her that my political and philosophical beliefs are the result of a news story that I had seen as a youngster in the mid-seventies. Since I was five or six years old at the time, the world outside of my walk to and from school was almost non-existent, so I do not remember the specifics, only the horror of a world that isn’t so far away.

This news story could have happened in Vietnam, Cambodia, or anywhere else in Asia that most strongly felt the ripples of the fall of Saigon. The video showed soldiers walking through a crowd; some of those soldiers had sacks hanging from their shoulders. As they walked through the crowd, some of the soldiers would grab babies out of the grasp of people in the crowd, and then toss the babies into the waiting sacks.

There is no way for me to forget the pain, horror, and tears on the faces of those who had their children taken from them, knowing that their children would fall victims to an evil, government-sanctioned death. The only crime committed by those children was living.

As I had grown older, there is not one decision that I had made about my political beliefs that was not influenced in some way by those images. Liberal vs. conservative, Democrat vs. Republican, and even Republican vs. conservative arguments, philosophies, and priorities transcend opinions about the proper functions of government: these differences involve the value that individuals place upon the lives of others. Opinions about the rights of citizens versus the limits of government range from believing that there is no role for government in personal affairs, to that of government acting as an intrusive entity which must be revered as god-like.

The lower the tolerance politicians and bureaucrats have of the right of Jewish and Christian citizens to try and live within the discipline of their religion, the more those politicians and bureaucrats assume a god-like status, with government as their church, and intrusive laws as their religion.

And it is the state-is-a-god belief that condones government intrusion into areas that are outside of the boundaries that were established by the Founding Fathers of the United States.

History is littered with kings, tyrants, and dictators who thought of themselves as gods. And it is that perception which drove them to amass power. And once in a position to exercise that power, it was usually in the form of brutal domination over others.

And one of the forms of this domination is to assign random values to the lives of the governed.

Why do many politicians believe in giving their own children the highest levels of education and security, yet believe that poor and middle-class children, especially from ethnic minority families, are socially-unfit to reach even a pop-up book reading level, or do not deserve to not worry about surviving their walks to and from substandard schools?
Why do politicians, bureaucrats, and judges believe that their word supersedes scientific discovery, and assign a variable time-frame as to when a fertilized human egg, with its own unique DNA, is a living human?

Why do politicians ignore the threats, such as national security, crime, diseases, and a third-world mentality that unprotected borders present to the United States?

All of those questions, plus many more, are the product of a threat that is probably as old as humanity itself: the de-humanization of humanity.

From politicians and self-proclaimed black leaders who refuse to address the genocide of black people in the form of black-on-black crime and abortion, to those same politicians who try to gag others who want to address the threats of illegal immigration, there is an attempt to normalize living with violent crime and the concept of placing random expiration dates on “non-essential” persons. In other words, those who live by the words, “when one person dies, it is a tragedy. When one million die, it is a mere statistic,” want the rest of us to accept them as well.

Contrary to the distorted message from supporters of the abortion industry, people who believe that human life begins at conception are not out to lay claim to legal domination over women. In fact, people who believe that the unborn are living humans with the same rights as those who have been born, realize that a government that assumes the responsibility of arbitrarily deciding when life begins, will do the same to decide when life ends.

What value does an elitist-controlled government place on the lives of the citizens whom it is supposed to serve, when it denies a minimal education to those who need it, and forces all of its citizens to live in fear of crime and health issues that it perpetuates out of incompetence, cronyism, and the need to hold power?

Why do politicians believe that the words from one presidential candidate, Donald Trump regarding the threats of illegal immigration are an act of irresponsible behavior, yet ignore the words of another candidate, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, when he belittles and taunts reporters and other private citizens?

Many of our politicians are skilled in ninja hypocrisy. This is the ability to distance themselves from some of their words, and many of their actions. Of course, these people enjoy the luxury of hiding behind reporters and newsreaders who share the same political philosophies, as well as the support of habitual voters who choose denial when they justify their support of their favorite politicians’ destructive, ethically-challenged behavior.

There is irony in that news story from forty years ago. Just before this massacre, American troops were possibly fighting some of the same soldiers who were “just following orders” in their collection and murder of those babies. Those American troops – who were called “baby killers” by true leftists – were sent overseas to fight true baby killers.

Leftist hypocrisy really is not hypocrisy, it is an effort to project their true intentions onto their political enemies.

Re-creating history with words, stories, pictures, and video isn’t the reality of living it. May the lessons from recorded history finally reach those who refuse to believe that it is possible to re-create the horrors of the past, before we have no choice but to do so.

Chuck Gruenwald

Born in Chicago and raised in northwest suburban Cook County, Chuck Gruenwald developed an unfavorable opinion of machine politics quite early in life. In addition to cars, electronics, law enforcement, and politics, Chuck enjoys writing, and is also a horse racing fan. He has recently written op-eds for