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HERE’S HOW YOU SAY ‘CRAZY’ IN NORWAY: ‘Transgenderism’ For Seven Year Olds

How in the world can a 7 year old child suffer from Gender Dysphoria?

I mean what 7 year old little girl goes to their parents and says, “Yo, ma, lately I’ve had the urge to wear flannel, start golfin’ and crush beer cans on my forehead.”

And yet the government of Norway proposed a bill that would, with parental support, allow children as young as 7 to change their gender. Don’t kids already do this? It’s called pretending!

The law, if passed, would allow kids 7-16 to identify with either sex without surgery. And this will happen without a psychiatric or medical evaluation.

Now before anyone breathes a sigh of relief just because there’s no surgery involved remember in leftie world this is just the beginning of what they really want.

This is how they got late term abortions, by fighting for abortions in the first trimester. And this is how they’ll get surgery for children, by starting with a law just to make things all nice and legit. In a few years the kids therapist, after Mary has been calling herself Chuck for a few years, will suddenly say it’s cruel not to give her/him/it the reassignment surgery to make the change complete.

Reassignment, like you’re being stationed in male or female-ville.

The left loves the slippery slope move and the right is always blindsided.

I mean call me crazy, but shouldn’t the minimum requirement for a decision like this be that you’re able to spell Gender Dysphoria?

The Norwegian health minister, Bent Hoie, thinks this law is something to be proud of and is a great victory for transgender rights. The individual, not the Health Ministry, would be allowed to decide what they are or are not. So the law isn’t to help confused children, of course, it’s to further the rights for transgendered people. People could always decide what they were this just makes it legal.

Here in America, where we once had some common sense, people in Oregon are finding out the state allows children as young as 15 sex-change operations without having to notify parents.

What’s worse is that the tax payers will be picking up the tab.

The coverage includes cross-sex hormone therapy, puberty suppressing drugs and the reassignment surgery itself.

Jenn Burleton, the executive director of TransActive Gender Center in Portland, said the report is “irrational and laughable”, and that the policy does not mean a 15 year old can walk into a doctor’s office and get sex-change surgery.

Really, Jenn? Then why the need for puberty suppressing drugs?

The suicide rate for people who have this type of surgery or even hormone therapy is huge!
Is that what we want for our children?

Andrew Cuomo approved a policy to use tax payer money to cover the same procedures. New York’s Medicaid program will go from $55 Billion to more than $122 Billion in one year. All in the name of equal treatment.

This isn’t equal treatment, this is folly.

And please explain to me before you rape me of my last tax dollar, what happens when the 7 year old or the 15 year old actually grows up and decides he wants to be a chair or the gender they were when they started life? And who will help him/her with this decision if their parents are gay or transgendered? Or if he/she hasn’t committed suicide by the time they’re 18, are we also footing the bill for his stint in rehab?

These are questions forced upon us without our say or vote. Back in the closet with it all I say.

Noreen O'Brien

Noreen O'Brien is a college grad. with a degree in psychology. Noreen worked for years with troubled teens and their families until the revolving door of liberalism made success for these families impossible. She grew up on cape cod Ma., Sweden, France and England and now makes Maine her home.

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