Written by Teri O'Brien on July 9, 2015

Pinheads like Jeb Bush and others who share his enthusiasm for amnesty for illegal aliens like to recite the predictable line that the “undocumented” are here to “do the work Americans won’t do” because they are much more hard-working, honest, humble, clean, reverent, and whatever the hell other positive adjective anyone can think of than you or any other American citizen. In addition, we are repeatedly told that these noble people commit far fewer crimes than native-born American citizens. Of course they do! It’s hard to commit crimes when you are forced to live “in the shadows.”

Unfortunately, for these open border advocates, one of their victim mascots, one Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez, snuck out of the shadows long enough to murder 32 year-old Kate Steinle, shooting her in the back while she was enjoying an after-dinner stroll with her father in San Francisco, a so-called “sanctuary city.” (Not a “sanctuary” for the law-abiding and innocent like Ms. Steinle.) Now, people are examining the issue of sanctuary cities and the value of releasing thousands of illegal alien criminals into American communities.

Ruh-roh. Here comes the U.S. Sentencing Commission to throw cold water on the assertion that illegals are the most law-abiding people, if not in the history of the universe, at least in the current-day United States. I know what you’re thinking. If these angelic people are so concerned about obeying the law, why did they break our laws by entering the country illegally in the first place? As it turns out, your common sense serves you well once again. From The Washington Examiner:

Of the more than 2,200 people who received federal sentences for drug possession in fiscal year 2014, almost three-quarters of them were illegal immigrants, according to new data from the United States Sentencing Commission.

Illegal immigrants also made up more than one-third of all federal sentences, that data said. …

Illegal immigrants were 20 percent of the kidnapping/hostage taking sentences in 2014, 12 percent of the murder sentences, and 19.4 percent of national-defense related sentences.

Keep in mind that illegal aliens make up 3.5% of the U.S. population.

It’s pathetic and cringe-inducing to see dolts like Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, and Rick Perry expressing outrage over Donald Trump’s accurate statements about illegal alien criminals. Would that they would express as much outrage about the many crimes committed by these border crossers as they do about someone speaking the truth about wanting to protect Americans from dirtbags like Mr. Lopez-Sanchez.

I have not even begun to address the despicable silence from Barack Obama about the deaths of Ms. Steinle, or 21 year-old Grant Ronnebeck, for whom clearly some “lives matter,” but only those who physically resemble children he might have fathered, or who serve his cynical politically expedient obsession to pander and his insatiable thirst for power. As a U.S. Senator, Barack Obama was a supporter of sanctuary cities, and his administration ended the Secure Communities program that helped local law enforcement cooperate with the feds to makes sure dangerous illegal aliens weren’t unleashed on innocent Americans. From a March 23, 2015 report from Judicial Watch :


Judicial Watch

today released 76 pages of Department of Homeland Security (DHS) documents revealing that as of April 26, 2014, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) had released 165,900 convicted criminal aliens throughout the United States, including many convicted of such violent crimes as homicide, sexual assault, kidnapping, and aggravated assault. (Reports recently detailed that ICE released another 30,000 in the most recent fiscal year, which brings the grand total of known criminals released by the Obama administration to 195,900.)

The Democrats’ #1 priority is to change our country’s pre-2016 demographics. If a few Americans have to be murdered to serve that goal, that’s just a shame, as they have been repeating for the last week, all the while continuing to support the policies that have enabled an illegal alien crime wave in this country.

How many bodies have to pile up before people connect the dots, and hold the Democrats and Barack Obama accountable for all the blood on their hands?

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