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McBULLSHIT: Did You Know McCain KILLED a Move to Arm Solders In The US?

Who is really the one who cares about our soldiers and veterans? It’s looking less and less like John McCain.

In June, Sen. Dean Heller tried to get the Pentagon to change its practice of banning arms from our soldiers on bases and recruiting centers here in America. But it appears that John McCain was the principle foe of the move and helped to defeat the arming of our soldiers which ended up having deadly consequences in Tennessee.

Last week Nebraska Senator Dean Heller appeared on the Kevin Wall show on KKFT Carson City, NV, to talk about his bill and noted that John McCain himself defeated the move to arm our soldiers.

Dean Heller: “So I submitted an amendment in the Department of Defense Authorization bill to allow this to happen. Now this was of course six weeks ago before Chattanooga. And the chairman of the committee wouldn’t support it–by the way, chairman was John McCain–did not want the amendment as part of the bill and wouldn’t accept it.

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