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RECIDIVISM ACROSS THE BOARD: Illegal Immigrants, Domestic Crooks … Politicians!

by Les Weaver
Clash Daily Contributor

Recidivism: This word has haunted me recently.  This haunting is because of the present headlines about the deported illegal aliens returning and their lack of fear about again facing incarceration in an American jail just to be deported again.  Note that an illegal alien has already broken the law by unauthorized crossing of our border or overstaying a visa.  A related concern has to do with “domestic” criminals returning to jail/prison, often referred to as a revolving door.  So I looked up that word to be sure how I was using it.  I read it carefully several times and decided that to satisfy my concerns, I would key on the legal definition.  Please read it carefully several times.

Recidivism: Legal definition: The behavior of a repeat or habitual criminal. A measurement of the rate at which offenders commit other crimes, either by arrest or 
conviction baselines, after being released from incarceration. The behavior of a repeat 
or habitual criminal. A measurement of the rate at which offenders commit other crimes, 
either by arrest or conviction baselines, after being released from incarceration.

It didn’t take much thought to realize why the criminal and illegal aliens’ recidivism rate is so high in the United States.  Recidivism for these two groups is tightly related in that no one fears being incarcerated.  In fact, except for those few that have permanently enriched themselves, they may well have elevated their standard of living by going to jail.  Criminal illegal aliens find the “pickings” in the U.S. better than their home country but also they are protected by much of our government; this sometimes even better than for citizen criminals.  

The list of what is lost by incarceration is shorter than what they have gained.  They have only lost their freedom to walk out the gate.  The rest is “freebie” benefit. 

As is being exposed; in many jails/prisons, the inmates have come to run the facility. I recently referred to jails/prisons as “incarceration palaces”.  They have their social clubs, (gangs) and run their outside businesses as before including drug dealing within the facility.  All receive medical treatment unsurpassed on the outside.  For “good behavior”, they may be granted; outside unmonitored communication, in-cell cooking facilities, civilian clothes, television and radio, personal computers, conjugal visits, special religious diets, change of sex medical treatment, marriage, (Charles Manson was allowed the opportunity to marry), cell decorations, and the list goes on.  These privileges ordered by the state and federal government and all at the tax-payers expense.  Nothing seems too good for the incarcerated.

Then suddenly it hit me.  “Recidivism” is a term that not only applies to common criminals and illegal aliens; it equally applies to politicians particularly considering how many are accused and/or charged with felonies.  Of course many are found “innocent” because they have passed laws that grant them immunity for crimes the rest of us would go to jail for, (i.e. insider trading).  Then there are the laws that protect them by considering that they operated “behind the badge of authority” which grants immunity from both criminal and civil charges.

Our founding fathers, with rare exception, lost all they possessed for their “political” stands.  There were not then any Universities that pumped out degrees in “Political Science”.  Note how many that signed the Declaration of Independence ended their life as paupers. Pay attention to the risk of life and limb of those that fought in the Revolutionary War.  There was risk to lose everything and only one reward; freedom from a dictatorial king.

But today, there is no risk for the politician.  Yes; they stand at “Town Hall Meetings” and orate their hard work, difficulties and all they do for the populace but careful study exposes why they want to be re-elected, (aka recidivism).  Does anyone believe they spend those many millions of dollars to be re-elected if there is any personal risk?  Research the net worth of any politician when they first entered office and just twenty years later whether still in office or not.  Look at their annual salary and how their net worth has exceeded their income. Only the few most successful criminals equal a politician’s rise in net worth and unlike the politician of today, they had to do it at considerable risk.

Highly recognized criminal names are often brought down by being found guilty of tax evasion.  But even when admitted, there are often deals made to reduce the owed taxes and in addition no “interest plus penalties” are administered to politicians or close friends of those in power.  When confronted with felonious charges, they most often stand before a judge and prosecutor who are in fact alumni or related.  Suddenly I realized why most politicians continue to run for office, (a form of recidivism?).  They are safe from penalty regardless of the alleged or actual crime.

Again read the legal definition of “recidivism” Substitute the word “politician” for “criminal” and ponder if like me, you find cause to apply this word to criminals, illegal aliens and politicians alike.

I submit this question to my peer citizens as I get busy researching “Recidivism Rates”; this in spite of now receiving scare tactic web inquiries such as “In Need of an Attorney?”