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SOUNDS NICE BUT … The Deadly Fantasy of Anti-Gun Addicts

California – ( A South Carolina pastor disarmed the honest men and women in his congregation.

That guaranteed a crazy person would be unopposed when, someday, a crazy person brought a gun to church. That sobering situation came true in Charleston, South Carolina last week. Innocent people died.

I want all of us to learn from this tragedy so it never happens again. I believe that the world is a better place when honorable men and women are armed.

The gun prohibitionist thinks men and women can’t be trusted with a gun. They want a world where guns don’t exist. I think they are crazy, and I want to explain how their craziness spreads.

– The gun-control ideology is spiritually superior to reality. The gun control utopia is a place where evil men obey the law. I’ve never seen such a place.
– These anti-rights ideologues are part of a religious movement. Theirs is an existential plane where good intentions are enough to stop evil men.
– Their anti-rights utopia is an attractive fairy land. It is a beautiful Disneyland without force and violence. All the ideologue has to do is believe in his own magic kingdom.
– The anti-rights ideologue has company in his love of gun control. Politicians love the fantasy ideology as well. – Gun control offers another activity for the government to tax and regulate. Best of all, the politician gets to stand in front of the news media and promise everything while delivering nothing.
– Gun prohibition also allows the gun grabbing elite to sit on the edge of power. That scratches their totalitarian itch.
– Gun prohibition is easy while self-defense is hard work. The government promises they will take care of us for free. They promised the same thing to the congregation in Charleston.
– The anti-rights ideologue gets to feel socially superior to others. They deny guns to any ill-favored minority while retaining guns for those in political power…and of course for their hired bodyguards.
– The gun prohibitionist is always busy. There is always another incremental step to take towards disarming honest citizens. It doesn’t matter that violent criminals ignore our laws already.
– The utopian gun-control fantasy never fails. The failed ideology of civilian disarmament can rack up a mountain of innocent victims while the ideologue simply claims they might have saved one uncountable life somewhere at some time. They say their fantasy ideology would work if we only tried harder. With our 23 thousand gun laws, we have not followed their formula for perfection closely enough.
— The anti-rights bigots are never satisfied. Theirs is the unending quest to perfect man by removing temptation after temptation. The day they succeed in outlawing guns is the day they will condemn knives…and clubs…and cars.
–The anti-rights ideologue only sees his perfect fantasy. They conveniently ignore the growing army of men with guns who must stand over honest citizens to impose their perfect order. We are the ultimate objects to be controlled, not the firearms.
– The gun control ideologue has a special place in the universe. Like the gambling addict, the ideologue thinks his fantasy will work for him even though it has failed for everyone else.

There. I said it. Anti-rights ideologues are crazy. Gun control advocates offer an emotional appeal to an idealized and pre-rational fantasy. The ideology of disarmament has many aspects that make it marketable. Gun prohibition offers a vision of moral superiority and is easy to sell.

It is time to stop talking about logic and facts with crazy people. We must aim our arguments and our questions to the undecided listeners who still live in the real world. The undecided listener is our potential ally. They are our audience every time we argue against gun prohibition.

The first thing for us to do is to pull back the curtains and expose the dream-like fantasy of prohibition to the bright light of day. Then we must tell our story.

(This is a shorter version of the article published at the SlowFacts blog.)


Rob Morse

Rob Morse works and writes in Southwest Louisiana. He writes at Ammoland, at his Slowfacts blog, and here at Clash Daily. Rob co-hosts the Polite Society Podcast, and hosts the Self-Defense Gun Stories Podcast each week.

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