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THE FUTURE OF MARRIAGE: Yes, Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ Endangers It

It has not been a good week if you are a conservative. Iran, ISIS, Cuba, NSA, and Obamacare. But also because the Supreme Court ruled that same-sex couples could get married in every state. Those who support same-sex marriages hailed the decision as a major victory, including Obama (who had photos of the White House shaded with the colors of the rainbow coalition flag — the flag of the LGBT movement).

On the other side of the fence, those who support traditional marriage view the ruling as the decline of Western Civilization. And they are right. By ruling in favor of same-sex marriage, the Supreme Court has not only condoned homosexual behavior (which is morally wrong) but it has also redefined marriage, thus putting marriage on a slippery slope.

Because since same-sex marriages are allowed, then how do we know polygamy might not be legalized? I am sure some Muslims would not mind taking advantage of that. The next thing you know, pedophilia will be legal, and then incest, bestiality, and necrophilia would soon follow — the result being America becoming a nation of sexual deviants.

There have already been instances of bakeries being forced to produce wedding cakes for same-sex marriages. With the recent Supreme Court decision, such a scenario is likely to occur again, as could be the case for wedding planners, caterers, disc jockeys, and wedding singers.

Which brings us to the next scenario — those who will preside over such weddings. Will local authorities be forced to issue marriage certificates and conduct same-sex weddings/civil unions? What if some who has the role of being justice of the peace refuses to perform any type of marriage? Could they face legal action? I recall back in 1994 when the newly-elected county judge-executive took office and stated that he would not perform weddings because there were clergy who could do that. Could that be used as precedent for opting out of presiding over a same-sex marriage? It might depend on whether each state constitution or state law allows local authorities to choose whether or not to conduct weddings.

As for the churches, will they have to perform marriages for gays and lesbians, or do they face some type of penalty (e.g. the loss of their tax-exempt status)? But if that is the case, does such penalty also extend to non-Christians? Will Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs, Jainists, Confucianists, Taoists, Shintoists, and even Muslims be forced to perform such marriages? What about various indigenous religions, pagans, or even Satanists for that matter?

The future of traditional marriage is in danger. State’s rights (guaranteed under the United States Constitution and the state constitutions) and reigning in judicial activism might be the keys to saving it.


Andrew Linn

Andrew Linn is a member of the Owensboro Tea Party and a former Field Representative for the Media Research Center. An ex-Democrat, he became a Republican one week after the 2008 Presidential Election. He has an M.A. in history from the University of Louisville, where he became a member of the Phi Alpha Theta historical honors society. He has also contributed to and Right Impulse Media.

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