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‘YOU WILL SUBMIT!’ Making Conservatives Engage in the ‘Sodomizing’ of America

Society will make you engage in sodomy and conservatives will support it, showing that that sodomizing of America really does affect you.

The successful effort to sodomize the U.S. and destroy marriage isn’t the culmination of what the autotheists planned but indeed only the beginning. And one of the things they next intend to do is force you—all of us—to engage in sodomy. And just as conservatives and so-called Christians caved to their attack on marriage, so too will they surrender and join in the calls for all of society to engage in sodomy. Here is how it will happen.

Autotheists have actually long been grooming society into believing that everyone must be willing to be a sodomite under penalty of social ostracizing, and maybe someday even penalty of the law. This occurs through the promotion of the nonsensical idea that men are women and vice versa. Thus, it is almost a daily occurrence to find one or more news stories gushing about a man who pretends to be a woman being in a beauty pageant, or being accepted as a female model, or being the next Hollywood star. And thus it is increasingly common to find the media giddily promoting the sexual abuse and mutilation of children by way of running stories on “transgender boys” and “transgender girls.”

This grooming is subsequently meant to push society into thinking that if you are a man who is sexually attracted to women, you should be attracted to these pretend women too.

And the autotheists are already seeing a payoff from their efforts.

There are already men who buy into the lie that a man pretending to be a woman actually is a woman, and thus if they are sexually attracted to women they believe they should be sexually attracted to these men. And there are still others who say that men who have sex with pretend women are “victims” of society because society supposedly stigmatizes them. And victims, of course, need special protection and promotion.

Once the autotheists believe they have fundamentally changed enough people they will shift their propaganda to where the current “victims” become mainstream and anyone who doesn’t agree that a man is a woman with whom heterosexual men should have sex will become a “bigot” and “transphobe.” And the same will hold true with women who don’t want to have sex with women pretending to be men. In short, this will be the point when the autotheists declare that, “The debate is over.”

Conservatives, of course, will eventually support this enforcement of sodomy. They will weakly attempt to counter it at first but quickly will be so battered by the autotheists’ relentless assault that they will do what they always do: surrender.

Meanwhile, self-identifying Christians will remain as obtuse as ever about the war be waged against them, and they will join conservatives in surrendering on this issue after initially being bewildered that such an assault on reality has happened. Furthermore, once they have surrendered, both conservatives and Christians will believe that another major loss for them is somehow a victory—a way of “putting this issue behind us,” or even “righting a long-held wrong.”

And this is how we will all become sodomites. Perhaps at this point people will realize that sodomy in any of its forms is both evil and something that does indeed affect them no matter how much they say it does not. Then again, perhaps they won’t.


Paul Hair

Paul Hair is an author and national security/intelligence expert. He writes fiction and nonfiction under his own name and as a ghostwriter. He provides his national security and intelligence insight as a freelance consultant. Connect with him at Contact him at if you are interested in his professional services.

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