ANTI-GOD, PRO-SODOMITE LEFT CAN’T MAKE UP THEIR MINDS: Is Suicide a Regrettable or a Noble Thing?

Written by Paul Hair on August 9, 2015

Sodomites and their autotheistic allies insist that opposing sodomy causes sodomites to commit suicides, yet at the same time autotheists insist we must support suicide for any reason.

Autotheists have repeated the lie that merely opposing sodomy will cause sodomites to commit suicide. This agit-prop has proven highly successful and many people believe it to be true.

The influence operation isn’t surprising. A core part of the autotheist strategy is to repeat the lie that any opposition to them causes violence or disaster.

Yet while it is difficult to believe that people have trouble fighting back against the lie that opposing sodomy causes sodomites to commit suicide, it becomes outright laughable when considering that autotheists are now promoting the legalization of suicide for everyone for any reason—including those who are physically healthy.

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The Daily Mail reported on June 27 that, “Belgian doctors are planning to kill a perfectly healthy 24-year-old woman by euthanasia because she is suffering from ‘suicidal thoughts.’”

Ignore the immorality of killing a completely healthy woman for the time being. Instead, focus on what autotheists are pushing here. (Admittedly this is a European story but the U.S. has its own suicide advocates and what is happening in Belgium will follow in the U.S. as well.) They believe it should be legal for doctors to help people kill themselves simply because they are unhappy.

Therefore, we’ve arrived at the inevitable and irrational conclusion that comes with the religion of autotheism: on one hand we are told that opposing sodomy is wrong because it will cause sodomites to commit suicide. On the other hand, we are told we need to “progress” even further by making it legal for anyone to commit suicide at any time and for any reason.

So the next time someone spreads the lie that opposing sodomy causes sodomites to commit suicide, not only should people note the accusation is dishonest, but they should say: Why would anyone be upset if opposing sodomy actually did cause sodomites to commit suicide? After all, autotheists say we should legalize suicide for everyone, for any reason, at any time.

Or another way of responding to it: Why would anyone say it’s those who oppose sodomy that cause sodomites to commit suicide? After all, it’s those who support sodomy who also support suicide for any reason.


Paul Hair
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