ARMED THUGS: Tried to Rob Store – But The Owner Turned the Tables (VIDEO)

Published on August 22, 2015

We need to see more headlines like this one. This store owner was being robbed by armed thugs when he epically turned the tables on them. He disarms, shoots, and pistol whips them in the blink of an eye. They won’t be trying that anymore.

The owner of an auto parts shop in Oakland Park, Fla., shifted into “no-way” gear earlier this week when he bravely turned the tables on would-be armed robbers, wrestling a gun away from one of the hold-up men and shooting him with his own weapon.

Police say that both the shop owner and the man who tried to rob the business suffered gunshot wounds in the scuffle. But while the man who owns the shop is expected to survive his wound, the accused gunman — who has been charged with attempted murder — remains hospitalized with life-threatening injuries.

An accomplice escaped the scene and is now the focus of a manhunt. (Western Journalism)

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