WHAT THE DETROIT POLICE JUST SAID: Will Not Make Liberal Jackasses Happy

Published on August 22, 2015

Detroit Police are reporting something that you would think everyone knows as common sense.

Detroit residents are increasingly carrying guns for self-defense, and Detroit Police Chief James Craig describes an armed citizenry as part of what has been successful in fighting crime in the city.

In fact, Craig suggests other cities should take note and learn the benefit of residents who take the time to get a concealed carry license and who carry a gun to protect life and property.

In January 2014 and again in March 2014, Craig spoke to the benefits he thought Detroit would gain by more residents being armed, and he made clear that he supports law-abiding residents using guns to fight back when criminals attack. According to Political Vel Craft he said, “The message should be that, you know, people are going to protect themselves. They’re tired, they’ve been dealing with this epidemic of violence, they’re afraid and they have a right to protect themselves.”

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