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BOWING TO ISLAMIC IRAN: Living In A Serious State Of Stupid

As Congress…barreling toward another major election year…tries to pull back the reigns on this horrendous Iran deal, the Ayatollah continues his mantra of animosity toward the United States. A hateful harangue from which he never took a pause…
— During the “negotiations”, he joined his minions in the ever-popular, “Death to America“, “Death to Israel”.
— He followed that with an inked confirmation of his animus for America in his new book, just released: Palestine. As the NY Post‘s Amir Taheri stated, “Palestine is a 416-page diatribe against the existence of the state of Israel and a call to arms for it to be destroyed.” And as my guest and author Dr. Andrew Bostom (Iran’s Final Solution For Israel) has stated, the book is about how to deceive the United States in order to destroy Israel.

And Khamenei’s latest petard (which can be read in its entirety here):

First, I will tell you that when we say, “the enemy” we do not refer to an imaginary and fictional creature. By “enemy” we mean global arrogance and arrogant powers: powers whose existence depends on dominating others, interfering in their affairs and possessing their financial and vital resources. These are arrogant powers or in other words, the leaders of global arrogance….

If we want to give an example of who this enemy is in the outside world, we should refer to the regime of the United States of America. This regime is the epitome of global arrogance. Of course, others are part of global arrogance as well, but the clearest and the most obvious example is the regime of the United States of America. It knows nothing about human morality and it is not ashamed of committing any crime–of any nature.
…We will confront them with all our power which is thankfully great in the present time.

(thanks to Obama)

This administration has given this vile regime everything it wanted and more (including releasing to them $150 billion plus). Most of us remember, when kids are in the schoolyard, and the bully threatens to beat you up, giving him everything he wants will not stop him from beating you up…it would just give you a few less minutes bleeding time. (I guess there were no bullies in private school.)
But I want to focus on an excerpt of the above statement, by the main mad Mullah:
“It [America] knows nothing about human morality and it is not ashamed of committing any crime–of any nature.”

This is coming from a Sharia Islamic State. One which:
— Demeans and abuses women and treats them like chattel.
— Hangs homosexuals (i.e. former Iranian Pres. Ahmadinejad’s statement that Iran has no homosexual problem…That was, of course, because they execute them).

And here’s a few more, with references from Islam’s holy books:
— Penalty for blasphemy against Allah, Muhammed or Islam: Death. (Quran 6:93; 33:57; 33:61)
— Penalty for non-Muslims (who are considered waging war against Allah): Death by — Beheading (Quran 5:33; 8:12; 47:4; 9:123; 2:191; 5:45; 2:193; 9:29; 8:17)
— Punishment for slandering Allah and his messenger (Muhammed): Death. (Quran 33:57-61)
— Quran’s opinion of women: Women contaminate and defile – Quran: Sura (2:222; 4:43; 5:6). Women are inferior to men – Quran: Sura (2:228; 4:11; 4:176; 53:27; 37:149-155), Hadiths: Bukhari (88:219; 48:826; 72:715)/Tabari (IX:113; I:280) Bukhari (6:301; 62:58). A woman’s testimony is worth half that of a man – Quran: Sura (2:282); Hadith: Bukhari (5:59:462).
— Death to infidels and Beheadings (Quran 5:33; 8:12; 47:4; 9:123; 2:191; 5:45; 2:193; 9:29; 8:17) and Enslavement (Quran 33:50; 23:5-6; 4:24; 8:69; 24:32; 2:178; 16:75)
— Punishment for slandering the prophet of Islam: Death. (Quran 6:93; 33:57; 33:61)

The average citizen can easily access countless experts, as well as content, on the Iranian’s fascist Islamic ideology. Yet, our leadership chooses to remain stuck-on-stupid on such a grave matter as a zealous nuclear enemy…with its frantic digits hovering over the nuclear button.
This perverse and paltering pack of Islamic zealots lies about anything as long as it benefits their stated goals: Creating chaos on the earth, and ushering in the return of their 12th Mahdi, who will destroy all who do not convert to Islam.
Is that a gaggle to be trusted with the survival of all free people?
There’s such a thing as using wisdom…and then there’s stupidity. Safety will never be found among those who practice stupidity.
Shalom through strength…


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Audrey Russo

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