DEMS WELCOME MUSLIM REFUGEES: But Not These … Can You Guess Who?

Published on August 17, 2015

Obama continues to open our doors wide open for Muslims, but the same isn’t so for another group of refugees: Christians. Why is that?

By Bob Bennett, Instigator News

Their primary goal is to grind down America: to degrade the military to 1940 levels and compel it to include Muslims, openly gay and transgender individuals; to render America hopelessly divided by race and financially destitute; to turn its image from the quintessential respected and trusted world leader into a feeble, dormant giant that betrays its allies and sucks up to its enemies.

WND reports that over 90 percent of the Syrian refugees will likely be Muslim:

“Of the 843 Syrians resettled in the U.S. since the start of the Syrian civil war, 92 percent have been Muslim and about 7 percent Christian.” Also of note, WND says this:

“FBI counter-terrorism experts … have openly admitted it is virtually impossible to screen Syrian refugees … because U.S. agents don’t have access to reliable biometric and law enforcement data.

In February, President Obama made a change in immigration law, apparently to lay a foundation for the Jihad Caucus request:

Senator Jeff Sessions has issued a “Timeline of Obama Administration’s Dismantling of Immigration Law.” The following change to Federal Law provides prima facie evidence that Obama’s policies—with Democrats’ assistance—are meant to fundamentally transform the United States into a place more like, say, Somalia. How else could you explain this move?

Why would Democrats want hordes of Islamic refugees in America? It’s certainly not because they feel compassion for refugees; if they do, why are they not doing anything to help the thousands of displaced Syrian Christians? On January 7, 2015 Abraham H. Miller, reported in The Hill that Christians are excluded, under State Dept. rules:

“The Department of State is adhering with all the rigidity of a Soviet era bureaucracy to the rule that only people at risk from massacres launched by the regime qualify for refugee status. The rapes of Christian women and the butchery of Christian children do not count.”

He compares the plight of Christians in Syria to European Jews, desperate to flee the Nazis. Though the scale was obviously very different, it’s still the slaughter of innocents, while we do nothing to stop it—not even take in those who survive.

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