IRAN’S GIDDY OVER NUKE DEAL: But No One Seems To Give A Crap

Published on August 17, 2015

If history repeats itself, as it has a way of always doing, this is going to have very big consequences.

What is the threat used by the Obama administration and its acolytes to accept the horrific Iranian deal? The only other alternative is war. That is a false comparison, and unfortunately history demonstrates the projected weakness of acquiescence to despots, dictators, theocrats, and autocrats never ends well. Just as Germany became the foundation of the enemy axis, Iran is emerging as the sinister vortex across the globe drawing in Russia, China, and Islamic jihadism — which Iran wholeheartedly sponsors.

So this latest admission from Iran should surprise no one.

As reported by the New York Post, “President Obama says his nuclear deal with Iran is good not just for America, but also for U.S. ally Israel. Iran’s foreign minister disagrees. Mohammad Javad Zarif was in Lebanon this week, meeting with the head Hezbollah terrorist, Hassan Nasrallah. Hezbollah’s TV station al-Manar reported, “Zarif said from Beirut that the nuclear agreement between Tehran and the world powers created a historic opportunity for regional cooperation to fight extremism and face threats posed by the Zionist entity.”

Translation: With a “signing bonus” to Iran of $100 billion or more, the nuke deal will empower the Islamic Republic to send more cash, rockets and other arms to Hezbollah and other anti-Israel terrorist groups. It will also boost Tehran’s regional prestige — allowing it to bully other nations into greater hostility toward Israel. Plus, the deal provides a glide-path for Iran to go nuclear in a decade or so, even without cheating. And Iranian nukes will drastically shift the regional balance of power in Tehran’s favor — and against Jerusalem.”

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