HERE WE GO AGAIN: Black Teen Killed By St. Louis Cops Was No Saint

Written by Rad Magnum on August 20, 2015

Another day in Missouri, another unarmed black passerby murdered in cold blood by police who attacked him without provocation.

Except not.

Mansur Ball-Bey, a St. Louis black man with eighteen years of age, died after being shot by police, but the details coming to light don’t paint a picture of an innocent, angelic boy. Of course, don’t expect the #blacklivesmatter activists to pay attention.

In the police chief’s report, officers were executing a search warrant in a home when two suspects fled the scene. Both men were armed and police ordered them to drop their weapons. One did. Guess which one didn’t.

For God knows what reason, Ball-Bey instead raised his gun at the officers, and when you point a gun at police officers, they don’t take it lightly.

But the story doesn’t stop there. You’ll never believe what Ball-Bey was up to in his free time!

Once the search warrant was executed in the home, police found crack cocaine and four more guns—three of which had been stolen. Not exactly the picture of youthful innocence!

Later, family and friends took to Twitter recounting memories, and it appears Mansur Ball-Bey’s violent tendencies aren’t anything new:

Screen-Shot-2015-08-20-at-5.21.52-AM Screen-Shot-2015-08-20-at-5.22.14-AM


And you know, here’s some photos of Mansur with his guns:



Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 9.14.32 PM

There should certainly be an investigation into Mansur Ball-Bey’s death to determine what truly happened. Regardless, it’s clear the “saint” narrative that racial activists want you to believe doesn’t seem to hold water.

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